Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: How to Find a "Bouncer"

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I read the episode title about three times before I could conjure up any meaning beside a rubber bouncing ball. I still didn't figure out what they were going for until it was actually explained at the country club. I guess it's a fun, localized joke, but I can't say I was all that amused. The event itself was interesting and had several jokes that fit the four girls well, but I was a bit thrown by how much Elka seemed to fall for Jameson - she has Max back! All that aside, this was a funny episode about a ridiculous event. $5,000/ticket isn't ridiculous in Los Angeles, or maybe even Seattle, but I guess I didn't realize that clientele existed in Cleveland. Of course, I've never been there, or any Midwestern city for that matter. [dang... I never realized that before. Nothing between Chattanooga and Denver besides New Orleans, really... ] What did you think... too over-the-top to be worth it? Or just enough for hilarity?

Hot in Cleveland 
"Rubber Ball" (S03E15): The three younger girls tour a country club and each has a different plan to gain admittance - Victoria banks on her celebrity status, Joy hopes her English accent will do it, and Melanie has nothing to go on but her cleavage. [none are particularly bad attributes to possess, but I don't know that they'll be enough.] They need current members to sponsor them, so it's suggested that they attend the Rubber Ball to meet some members - it's open to the public but tickets are $5,000. [they didn't think that they'd need sponsorship? And this "bounce" phrasing was only funny once or twice.] Turns out, Elka worked there in her 20s, and believes she was unjustly fired for turning down her boss's advances. Because her boss was none other than Jameson, she plans to attend, too, with the hope of making him fall for her, then reveal her true identity, throw a drink in his face, and humiliate him. [certainly sounds like something Elka would do!]

Victoria rents $200,000 earrings for the Ball. [they're way too large.] She struggles to find the wealthiest man to flirt with, but after she's chosen, she loses an earring in his mother's cleavage. Victoria waits until the lights dim to "go for it" and locate the earring, but she's caught. [of course she is! When you're digging around in a woman's decolletage, what else would you expect?]

Joy runs into Colin, from whom she hasn't heard in weeks. Turns out, he's engaged to a shrill millionaire named Preston (who goes by "Preshie"). The homeless guy, Artie, is apparently an alienated member of the Firestone family, so he's there and pretends that he's with Joy. [did NOT expect to see him again!] They dance dramatically to draw the attention of Preshie, for whom Artie longs. [random!] Preshie has been annoying Melanie all night (even reaching into Melanie's cleavage to demonstrate for Victoria), as Melanie had picked a potential "bouncer" based on the distinguished name "Preston" had. [I'm gonna call this her own fault.] The jig is up when the lights go down and everyone sees Colin and Joy kissing, but Artie is able to have a few moments with his precious Preshie. [bleh. what a horrid name!]

After spending the bulk of the night with Jameson, Elka comes clean about her identity, and he says that she was just a horrible waitress. [to which nobody bats an eye.] She tries to make him look bad by saying he would only let her in the club if she had sex with him - but she misunderstood the meaning of the word, "bounce," in this sense. [haha. it was only a matter of time before that happened!] Jameson forgives her and they fall for one another. [no! I will not be happy if Elka stays with any of these guys besides Max or maybe that temp waiter...]
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