Saturday, March 24, 2012

16 & Pregnant: Season 3 Update

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is one of those update roundups that MTV has every now and then. There's really not much to say because they take place so long after we see the girls that it's hard to remember who did what and whether or not the "where are they now" is all that surprising. Two of the ten below have babydaddies in prison. One has a second child already. A few have jobs. Quite a few are in school (either high school or college). Only one has a "new man" in her life. Two have moved a thousand miles from "home." All in all, nothing too thrilling. If you're stuck on remembering who any of them were, I've linked their episode recaps below.

16 and Pregnant "Where are They New? Part 3" (Special):
Jamie from Asheville. Miah is now 15 months. Jamie is on meds for post-partum depression. She graduated HS and is starting college, though she seems to be dragging her feet when it comes to applying for assistance. Ryan pays some child support, and they're also back together. Ryan has changed, but her mom isn't thrilled with the relationship. [nothing really shocking here.]

Taylor's Aubri is now 14 months. She and Nathan have broken up and she doesn't want Aubri around Nathan's new girlfriend. [reasonable.] He took the issue to court and he'll get Aubri on Wednesdays and every other weekend. [standard.] Taylor wants to get child support but she can't file because they're both minors. [hahahahaha! Another reason not to have sex so young!] Her mom files for grandparent support. [do all states have this? or just certain ones?] Taylor went back to school (she was doing virtual high school before).

Kianna from Fort Worth. Kay'den is 14 months now. Zak, who is younger than her, is now in prison for burglary for 15 years. [given that he was 15 when she got pregnant, he definitely had enough against him that he couldn't get away with being charged as a minor...] She has a promise ring from him and plans to wait for him so they can be together. [that's dedicated, yo!] She goes to school 9am-3pm and wanted to be a vet, but now she's doing psychology to help abused kids and addicts. [interesting switch.] She's a bit let-down that she's only going to a community college. Every Saturday, Zak's mom (who helps out with diapers and wipes) watches Kay'den. [it's nice that Kianna is receiving some support from Zak's family, especially since Zak was so anti-adoption!]

Jennifer from Riverview, FL. The boys are now 14 months, and Joshua is crazy while Noah is laid-back. The cops broke up another fight between her and Josh. She moved to Chicago on the fly to get away and live with other family. [such a climate change is a big adjustment... and for someone with twins?!? yikes!] She skypes with her parents and brother daily. She got her GED and is soon starting college. [she really has a dog, too?]

Jordan and Brian got married, moved to California when he joined the military, and then she got pregnant again because she wasn't on birth control. [yay, a statistic! Where's Dr. Drew to lecture her?] They talked about not having the second one, but she couldn't have an abortion. They name their daughter Auri (sp?). She misses her twin (who is starting nursing school) and they've been apart for four months. Jordan still wants to go to school, but it'll have to wait. [yep.]

Izabella's Enrique is now 16 months old and her mom watches him while Izabella is in school. She's still in high school. Jairo got a GED and a job, plus a family car (though it's a Mercedes!). [this kid annoyed me SO MUCH when they first showed him and only slightly improved now!] Izabella goes to her car to pump during lunch. [way to be responsible!]

Cleondra and Mario both spent a night in jail for fighting and are now working on their relationship. [though it's unspecific what they're doing to improve things.] Kylee is a year old. Cleondra changed her major from nursing to photography. [glad that she realized what she needs to be happy.]

Kayla graduated from high school and moved into an apartment with her friend, Lauren. Preston, 14 months, gets a bedroom while Lauren and Kayla share a bedroom. [it looks like they even share a bed, actually.] Kayla and Mike broke up and Mike saw Preston on the weekends until Mike's parents got divorced and he needed a place to live. He moved into the other bedroom. [I guess that's why the girls are sharing now? Or does Michael share with Preston?] She's working 70-80 hours/week (10am-6pm and 10pm-6am) between her two jobs to afford everything. Her eating habits are better now, at least. [great. so just when she has her nutrition under control she decides to only let her body rest for 2-3 hours at a time... rough!] Kayla and Mike aren't even really friends anymore, just roommates. She's also planning to start classes soon.

Danielle's parents divorced and she moved in with her mom. She got a job and her mom watched 14-month-old Jamie until she decided that Danielle was using her. Danielle moved out on-the-spot and went to live with her dad. [whoa... weird!] She dropped out of high school and her babydaddy is in prison (for six months) for drugs. Danielle doesn't want to get back with him, but she figures it'll probably happen anyway. [I remember this girl now. She doesn't care about a whole lot and has no willpower.] She no longer has any contact with her mom, whose final words to her were that she'll soon drain her father and need to move again. [harsh! who says that??] 

Allie graduated HS and moved to NJ to be back with her mom. [who seems super-supportive. it's really a shame shat she couldn't afford to have Allie the whole time - I wonder if her teenage pregnancy could have been avoided...] She's starting online college. Her mom pays for everything for Aydenn (who turns 1 during this update), but Joey is supposed to start paying child support. She has an IUD now and is dating a guy named Mike, who wants to be a father to Aydenn. [ha! too bad they broke up six weeks later!]
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