Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HIMYM: Barney & Quinn Have a Plan

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Barney has a monk guy. In addition to all of the other connections that the mastermind has at his disposal, he can also apparently get Monks to do a recording of a personalized chant. We're really starting to close in on the limit to how out-there Barney is, but I'll believe this one. The most believable thing this episode? That we've finally seen a joke made about how long Ted's stories are! Faux Marshall, Lily, and Ted complain about his story from just this episode, marveling at how ticked Ted's kids would be at other stories... little do they know! I was hoping for a little feedback from the teens on the couch at that moment, but maybe that was too much to ask for. Of course, I also didn't want Barney and Quinn to end up together, and that seems to be the track that we're on... especially as the season winds down. While I still have hope that Barney & Quinn are not the couple getting married in the recent flash-forwards, we're going to need a major game-changer immediately... oh, Rooooobinnnn.....

How I Met Your Mother "The Broath" (S07E19): Barney had been "off-the-grid" for a couple of weeks, and when he finally contacts Ted, it's to take a broath, wear a brobe, and promise to keep quiet about Quinn's background when barney introduces her to the rest of the gang. [even after all that, Barney is still trying to be with Quinn? I think he kicked off Nora prematurely...] Of course, Ted immediately spills the beans, and Lily takes it upon herself to make sure that Barney isn't being used. The group spends a few hours at Quinn's apartment, and Lily manages to snoop around enough to find tickets to Hawaii, so she assumes that Quinn is treating Barney as a sugardaddy. This, combined with several instances where she is downright mean to Barney leads the gang to hold a "quinntervention" to look out for Barney's best "quinterests." [I know they love interventions. I know they love plays-on-words. but this was a little much, no?] Barney immediately realizes that Ted broke the broath. [the flashback to Julius Caesar and Brotus with ninjas was odd.] Quinn walks in right as Lily is talking about the Hawaii tickets - that end up being a trip that Quinn planned. Quinn is upset that Barney lied about her, keeping her profession from his friends. She ends it then and there, leaving Barney in the cold. [ewww on Robin's shirt-dress.]
Robin and Ted have a private conversation where she admits that she's been distracted at work and is afraid she'll be fired. She asks him if they can go back to normal, but he says that he can't do "normal" anymore. [Ted. MAN UP. Your friend needs you, so get with the program!] The group then goes to Barney's to
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console him, but he immediately makes them don brobes and take an oath not to interfere with his personal life unless it's an issue of health, national security, or "he's about to get up on a fatty." [but, if I recall correctly, Barney has said before that he's been with bigger women... maybe he just doesn't want to repeat that?] Barney has Robin and Lily kiss, and while Lily goes for it, Robin lets it only last a second. [let's just leave this alone...] Then, Marshall and Ted kiss. [though they were only going to be required to fist-bump? awkward moment, but I liked the cute pop kiss.] Quinn reveals herself, and she and Barney reveal their evil plan - it was all a set-up. [dastardly! and a bit crazy, really.] After the group leaves, Barney and Quinn talk a little, and she says that she likes stripping and would only stop if she got married... [but they only WANT us to think that Barney will marry Quinn, right?? It's not actually going to happen... right??!?!?]

Quinn moving in with Barney leaves Ted and Robin to ponder taking her rent-controlled apartment. Ted has been crashing in University housing and being a pain to look-alikes of his, Marshall's, and Lily's, and Robin has been bunking in with Patrice. [first, how did Ted get a room on-campus? Do they do that for teachers at some schools? And why wouldn't Robin look for a better option by now - it's been "weeks."] They both call "dibs" and treat Quinn to wine and gift baskets, but after Robin receives word that she's getting promoted to on-air co-anchor (because she did so well with the New Year's Eve emergency) and can afford a nice place Central Park West, she lets Ted have the place. [that's strangely nice of her....?] Ted tells her that he can "go back to normal" after all, but he and Robin won't see one another for a long time. [is Robin finally going to Argentina and the other fun places we've been told she'll live? Are we about to spend some time in the future? Will Robin's storyline just be separate from Ted's for a bit? I'm interested in how the show will handle this.]

And, in a side-story that's been going on, Lily asks Marshall to stop telling sex stories because everyone knows the girl in the anecdote is always her. [she's got a point!] Marshall tells a story that involves second base with another girl in high school, which angers Lily. [really? she's upset over such a trivial thing that happened so long ago??] He does come clean to her later, though... the whole second-base thing was an accident. Lily, being a good sport, tells Marshall to just tell the story better next time. [haha. and ridiculous. and them, for that matter!]
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