Wednesday, March 21, 2012

House: Evil Patient, Stoned Doctor, House's Father

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Remember that episode a while back where the kid had lyme disease but they couldn't see the bull's eye because it was under his giant tumor on his head? This episode reminded me of that, as the patient was blind so they didn't consider optical symptoms. Except in the first episode, the kid ends up better than when he started. In this one, the guy ends up worse, having also lost his hearing (or most of it, anyway). They really made out the patient to be an evil guy, too, what with having desires to marry one woman but inviting the other to the hospital, then later proposing to her instead! Was it worse than the Park-gets-high storyline? yes, I think so. Was it worse than House's mother finally admitting who House's biological father is? I'm not entirely sure, but it's close. Speaking of which, part of me wonders if that storyline was included because they're running out of time with this show, or if it was originally scheduled to be revealed at this point.... what do you think?

House "Love is Blind" (S08E14): A blind guy buys an engagement ring. He begins to hear noise hypersensitively and wanders into the street. At the hospital we meet his old girlfriend (they went "on a break" five months prior). They think he might have epilepsy... until he chokes on his own teeth, which came loose because he doesn't practice good dental hygiene. [kids, take note. brush & floss daily.] Another seizure happens, they find some potential brain damage, and then a blood clot occurs. His eyes have dying tissue and it seems that the kid just has a bad infection, but it's so bad that they need to give him a medication that would leave him deaf. He'd rather die than be both blind and deaf, so he refuses treatment. [yeah, I know it's not nice, but I'd probably feel the same way. At that point I'd feel as if I were a vegetable, and I don't want to be kept alive in that state, so why in this one?] His non-girlfriend returns and they say that they love one another, regardless of what comes their way. He undergoes the treatment and loses most of his hearing. Through a squeeze system of "once for yes" and "twice for no," he proposes. She pulls away her hands and verbally says "yes," which he realizes. [we'll pretend they live happily ever after, however unlikely it seems.] 

[Patient's done, let's look at House's drama...] House fakes being out of town when his mother, Blythe, arrives. She knows him all too well, however, and tricks Wilson into believing that she has terminal cancer so that House will agree to see her. [wasn't thrilled that it worked out this way, but I also totally believed it.] House pays kids in the hospital to draw pictures of him in Africa, as that's where he told his mother he was while he was imprisoned. [I don't know why she'd believe that, but okay.] House goes to his mother's hotel and sees her with a man - a friend of the family whom House believes is his biological father. [well, that'd sure be a shock when I was expecting to find my depressed and cancer-stricken mother!] Blythe says that they're engaged and later tells a story of how the two of them used to boycott the war, while House's father fought in it. [wow. I was speechless there. how do you take that?] House, his wife, and Wilson go to dinner with Blythe and her fiance. House explains his wife and is surprised that Blythe's fiance agrees with what they're doing, as he doesn't like the immigration policy, either. [haha!] House then comes clean about jail, but Blythe had known all along - she reads the papers. [figures.] Blythe then admits that she's not freshly engaged... she got married two months after her first husband died. [yikes! I'd still be writing notes of thanks to those who donated food and flowers!] This prompts House to question who his biological father is, and after revealing a genetic birthmark, his mother comes cleans. His father is upset that he was never told. [well, YEAH!!!]

[on to a mini-drama that took place throughout the episode...] The patient had the engagement ring with him when he was brought in, so he asks the doctors to hide it at his apartment. Taub and Park take the opportunity to search the place while they're there. Park had some ice cream and gummi bears (she's bitter because she once lost a boyfriend in college who slept with her friends... she turned to food and gained 82 pounds over it) and later starts tripping. [out of nowhere... so weird.] Taub goes back to find the drugs while Adams and Chase find out where he bought them. The patient wanted to use LSD to try "seeing," and got the drugs from the girl to whom he's planning to propose - but she's on a family vacation. Park is freaking out, and House's mother's fiance helps Park calm down. [creepy. and where was Foreman during all of this??]
Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX
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