Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: Spider Bites & Fake Addictions

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I was surprised to see that bird back again - I thought that he was going to be a one-time thing. Though, he did make for some funny moments... much funnier than Victoria in a fat suit or a guy Joy can't stand trying to make a move again and again. Elka has some good parts, but they're rather piddly for the character, if you ask me. Both episodes had their merits, but I must say that "Tangled Web" was a bit funnier... the parrot's musings, the idea that the girls would WANT to be bitten by a venomous spider, the portrayal of fake identities... it could have been better, but it was still good! Let's hope for something good next week, as I could use some laughs after the sad jokes in "Hot & Heavy."

Hot in Cleveland "Tangled Web" (S03E13): Victoria didn't end up going to South America because she brought too much luggage and her guy left her. [hahahahaha!] To get even, she stole one of his venomous spiders to tighten her skin, but it gets loose in the house so the place must be fumigated. [who knew a singly deadly spider would require a fumigation??] The ladies all go to Max's lake house (sans Max), and Melanie invites KC. KC and Joy instantly recognize one another, so Melanie acts like she found Kyle and brought him for Joy. [this miiiight work...] Kyle/KC plays along, but things start getting crazy when a door-knocking Mormon now has to play the role of Melanie's boyfriend. [Aren't lake houses generally in very rural, vacation-type locales? Do Mormons really do their missions and whatnot there?] He's afraid that it's a cult, but starts doing whatever it takes when he meets Victoria. [it weirds me out that she's the one the guys are after on this show!] Victoria and the Mormon plan to have sex while Joy is hoping for Kyle to come to her in the night. A cold Elka winds up turning to Joy while Kyle heads for Melanie's room. [Elka is always turning to the one she doesn't care for... what's up with that?] The spider tagged along in the girls' luggage (noticed only by the bird) and bites Kyle, temporarily paralyzing him. Melanie doesn't want Joy to find out that he was in her room, so she gets Victoria and the Mormon to drag him to the couch. Victoria is then bit, falling over onto Kyle. Just then, Clark shows up (there's a tracking chip in the parrot), upset that Victoria stole the spider. [this is getting pretty funny, I gotta say!] Soon the whole household is up and Joy learns the truth. And, so do we... Kyle has been leaving women at the altar all his life... five of them now! [unbelievable!] Joy is thrilled, since he's just a selfish bastard. The episode pretty much ends with Joy also being bit by the spider.

Hot in Cleveland "Hot & Heavy" (S03E14): Victoria wants to win an award so she needs to come up with a new expose. She decides to put on a fat suit and head to an Over-Eaters Anonymous meeting, asking Elka to come wearing a hidden camera. Elka pretends that she's lost 600 pounds. [her "low point" being finding a Christmas ham in her backfat in July. say what???] Victoria is invited to coffee by a guy in the group, but she turns him down, insulting the overweight. [so.weird. mistaking "Chuck" for "Chunk" was funny, tho!] Turns out, it was Colin, in disguise! He runs into Joy in the hallway (Melanie and Joy decide to go to the community center to find men at these group meetings), and they get to talking. He asks her out and she goes for it, inviting him over to watch Casablanca. ["don't put yourself down" sounded a bit too American for Jane Leeves.] When she goes to kiss him on their third date, the face of his fat suit falls off and he has to come clean. [ewww! freaky!] The two reconcile, though. [whaaaat? NOOOOO!!!]
Melanie goes into a room for snacks and winds up joining a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting. [hahaha!] Melanie's "rock-bottom" was when she got lost in the woods and seven guys found her and she had sex with all of them... nobody seems to get that it's a modification of Snow White. [people are dumb, you guys.] She's asked out by another guy in the group, but she decides to tell him the truth when he comes to pick her up. He doesn't believe her at first, but it turns out that he's a liar, too - just another undercover reporter. [okay, it was funny with two, but three? overboard, much?]

Later, the group goes to the bar and Victoria thinks she'll get laughed at by some guys playing darts. Instead, they invite her to join and offer her some beer. [the Taft joke made me crack up. twice.] Victoria sits down by a guy and is bought a drink immediately, which weirds her out. [I think she just lived in LA too long. while there are plenty of meanies everywhere, the shallow do seem to congregate in California...]

Colin comes clean on the air and shows his tape of Victoria being mean to fat people. She apologizes. [some ending...]
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