Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Man Standing: Poor Grizzly Bear

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

"My opinions are facts." This is the problem with having a father like Mike Baxter. I've had the unfortunate opportunity to know more than one man who believes this, and it's a struggle to communicate with them at all sometimes. I'm not sure what it is that triggers the idea that everything they think is true, but I can't blame Terrence for being offended by the way Mike was acting. But it's not like the kid is innocent, though. The first time you meet your girlfriend's mom and you insult her profession? Not really the way to score brownie points, my man. Looks like Terrence was a one-episode wonder, though, so no big loss. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I had nearly forgotten that Kristin and Kyle are STILL dating! They got together in the pilot, you know. I guess that's one of those things that'll just continue in the background, rarely getting part of an actual storyline... 

Last Man Standing
"Animal Wrongs" (S01E20): [first, the short and useless storyline, which I can't come up with a good reason to showcase:] Kyle learns that he is of Basque ancestry, which Ed shares. Ed is so excited that he plans a trip for the two of them to see the motherland and one another's villages! Oh, wait. They're from the same village and from warring families. Strike the trip. [everything with Ed is so short-lived, eh?] Eve helps Kyle learn the history behind the feud, and Kyle tries to make good by giving Ed a baby pig (apparently one was stolen waaaay back, and that led to a bunch of murders). [omg the pig was so cute!]

Mandy is celebrating one month of being "in love" with Terrence, a college freshman. [the fact that she falls for anyone in a heartbeat is one of Mandy's less-annoying qualities, actually.] Mandy doesn't want her parents to meet her boyfriend, as they won't get along - he drives a hybrid and supports animal rights.
He even is an active member of a group that is abbreviated as PHART - the P is silent. ["and deadly" joked Vanessa, LoL.] Terrence's major is environmental studies, so Vanessa tries to be nice to him and talk geology, but it doesn't work when he insults the work of her colleagues. [c'mon, kid! if there's no way you and "the dad" will get along, at least try for "the mom" !!] The next day, Terrence and Mandy go to the wilderness store so Terrence can apologize, but Mike isn't there. Mandy comes home late and gets lectured by both parents before Mike realizes that Terrence is likely doing something to the newly-acquired stuffed grizzly bear. Yep, the kid vandalized it. And, Mike deduces that he's still there, so a father-daughter manhunt ensues. [Vanessa calling repeatedly didn't help anyone!] Mandy is upset that Terrence wasn't who she thought he was, and Mike tells Terrence that he won't stand for someone upsetting his daughter. [way to be! I love it when a man looks out for his daughters like that! but, seriously, who asks for permission to call the police?] As punishment, Terrence has to act as Teddy Roosevelt. [...don't ask. I don't know.] 

And the only thing Eve does this episode besides help Kyle? She wants to feed a coyote in the backyard and Mike won't let her. [good thing he put down his foot on this one, Vanessa was ready to get out a bowl!]
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