Thursday, March 22, 2012

19 Kids & Counting: Boys Play Laser Tag

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This was a rather strange episode. There wasn't much to it - the boys went to a camp, ate, went to sleep, played laser tag, and left. They stopped for lunch and to buy some flowers, then went home. No Michelle updates, nothing from Josh and Anna, and a stray few minutes showing JoyAnna attempt to bake cookies from scratch. I'm not even going to bother saying anything else about the episode.

19 Kids and Counting "Boys Day Out" (S06E08): The boys (JimBob and all of his sons except Josh) go to Fort Rock for a retreat of sorts. The boys even pack for themselves, which JimBob is quick to note doesn't allow things to run as smoothly as when the girls are around. [not thrilled that he feels the need to bring up stuff like this.] Before they go, though, we see JoyAnna try to bake them some cookies for the trip, but she didn't know to turn down the convection oven 100 degrees so the first batch burnt. She tries again though, but ends up really rushed and has to remove them from the tray when they're still hot, resulting in distorted chocolate chip cookies. [I didn't hear her say "please' when asking Jason to clean off a couple of cookie trays, LoL. oh, and blaming Joy's lack of knowledge on the fact that her older sisters do the cooking was weak.]

At Fort Rock there are 14 dad and 37 sons for the event, which kicks off with a dinner. Though the menu claims fried possum, squirrel dumplings, and pickled pigsfeet, they really have beans, potatoes, and beef. [I'd personally have tried to make the foods match a little more, but the boys seemed to get the joke anyway.] The next day, everyone is playing a massive outdoor game of laser tag, where it takes 20 hits to lose a life, and everyone gets two lives. The family is split up so there are some Duggars on each team - and although JimBob tries to "stack" his team, the staff fixes it so JimBob is with Josiah, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, and Jackson, while the other team has John-David, Joseph, Jason, James, and Justin. [was anyone else a teeny bit appalled that JimBob tried to cheat? I mean, I get that he was laughing and all, but he didn't drop it immediately, either.] JimBob's trickery doesn't end there - he pushes Josiah and causes him to be "killed" and have to go back to base. [I would have laughed this off, except when asked on-camera, JimBob is a bit shocked and doesn't know what to say. hmmm...]

They stop by Arby's on the way home, though it's obviously marketing. They get combo meals plus some mozzarella sticks and who knows what else. [you know, they're growing boys and all...] JimBob then takes the boys to a florist so they can each pick a flower for the girls and put together a "unique arrangement." [straight hair day at the Duggar house? what's up with that?]
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