Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teen Mom 2: Checking In with Leah & Chelsea

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

All four girls have had instances of cheating brought up this season. The two worst offenders (in my opinion) were the subject of this program, hosted by Dr. Drew, who is one of the least interesting guys on television (again, in my opinion). While I was expecting a lot of the questions to be aimed at Leah for filing the divorce and cheating on Corey, I felt like there was no real blame placed on her... except by the parents. With Chelsea, I was totally anticipating Dr. Drew to drill her about her GED, since she's been dragging her feet on that for as long as we've known her, really. And, I'm surprised that they didn't have her dad there... he's such a big part of her life on the show, I assumed that Dr. Drew would want to talk to him about Chelsea's maturity throughout the latter part of the season and whatnot. But, dealing with Adam and the constant issues Chelsea has with him pulls in enough viewers, I guess. 

Teen Mom 2 "Check Up with Dr. Drew, Part 2" (Special): The program ended with the obligatory girls-ask-girls pre-screened questions which is always a rushed and forced affair, but that's what I want to address first. Kailyn asked Chelsea when she'll finish her GED, and Chelsea says over the next six months. [now, the girls have a history of being honest in these sessions, so this kinda makes it look like Chelsea passed the one section and hasn't really been working on it actively since then. disappointing.] Jenelle asks Kailyn what her support system is... she says Jo and Jordan. Chelsea asks Leah and Corey if they could trust one another again, which isn't directly answered. Dr. Drew asks everyone how they're affected by being on TV. Leah and Kailyn have had people tell them that they've been helped through their stories. Adam and Kailyn say that there are hate-groups on facebook about them, and Chelsea says that it brings more stress to her life. [hate groups for Kailyn?? She's no Amber, you guys...!!]
Leah: Corey and Leah are now divorced, though she says that she still loves him. She's angry and hurt and talks about how she felt unloved by Corey before their wedding, as well as coming home to find him watching p0rn alone. [that whole conversation was a bit awkward...] Corey talks about how they'd have sex a couple times a week leading up to the wedding, but Leah holds to the fact that they went a month without. [that's a BIG difference of opinion...] Leah says that she tried to get Corey to go to counseling with her for two months, but it didn't happen. Since Leah's in counseling anyway, Dr. Drew suggests that Corey attend a session, to which he agrees. [good. can't hurt!] Leah's mom comes out, and she says that she supports Leah 100%. Corey's dad thinks that the relationship won't work out... Leah has cheated twice, and he thinks she'd do it a third time. [wow... clearly he thinks she has no remorse.] We also find out that Leah's family FORCES her younger sister to get the Depo shot as birth control. [this bothers me so much, guys. But no political tirades.] 

Chelsea: She and Adam aren't together, and although she won't admit to it, it's heavily implied that they still have sex. [I think you know by now that I am not a fan of the term, "hook-up." Also, her picture is so small and her hair is so big that it's difficult to see her face and reactions when she watches recaps.] Her friend, Megan, had her baby, and Chelsea is sad that Megan had to grow up as fast as she did. [I don't think that Chelsea glamorized teenage parenthood much for Megan though, so that was a bad point. Of course, she knows much more than we see.] She says that she has trust issues with Adam, who is currently seeing Aubree almost every day. [that's a big improvement!] Dr. Drew points out that they can't keep their hands off each other, and that they can't stop trying to get back at one another by sleeping around. They must stop trying to "win." [agreed. x10,000.] They talk vaguely about birth control, and Adam says that he doesn't really use condoms. [oh goodie...] Dr. Drew reminds them that they all agreed they needed therapy last time, but it doesn't sound like everyone is doing that...
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