Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two and a Half Men: An Evelyn & Jake Episode

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Have the writers just decided that Angus T. Jones is a horrible actor and that's why he's relegated to junky lines these days? He finally gets a decent-sized part in an episode and it's so slow-paced and boring that I almost don't want to see more of him! We also get treated to a moderate dose of Evelyn, which wasn't disappointing... it just wasn't aces, either. The idea of Alan's mom and Lindsay's mom "enjoying one another" was something that I hadn't planned on, but I think it could make for a funny few stories... if they keep Jean's character around. We know Zoey's going to return soon, so a nice Berta storyline before the season finale might not happen... especially because the comedy has not been renewed, and they may only have a couple of episodes to wrap up things. Plus, word around the internet says that the ghost of Charlie will come into play, so I guess anything is game!

Two and a Half Men "Palmdale, Ech" (S09E19): Alan and Lindsay head to see her mother, Jean, and Lindsay isn't thrilled about it. [Lindsay's mom is the same actress who played Amy's mom on Everybody Loves Raymond... I found this amusing. there were some funny Eldridge jokes, too.] Jean swipes clothes from the dead folks in her building. [ whaaaa???!?] She then brings up that Lindsay did a p0rn0. So, Alan and Lindsay decide to put her mom and Evelyn in the same room, as they'll either kill one another or hit it off. [sounds worth trying!] The next night, the four go to dinner, with Evelyn unaware of the situation until they're en route. The women hit it off so well that Jean and Evelyn decide to go dancing afterward, agreeing that they'll find their own way back to Lindsay's later. [I'm a little shocked that it went so well... but I guess it brought something different to the show... there's always tons of fighting, LoL.] The next morning, Evelyn and Jean hug and kiss in front of Alan and Lindsay. [can't wait for some feedback on this one!] 
Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.
Jake and Eldridge tell Walden that they stay happy by getting stoned, then invite him to play video games. Jake asks him how serious things are with Zoey, but no answer is really given. With Jake and Eldridge set to graduate soon (apparently Jake is repeating his senior year?), they want to work for Walden, coming up with app ideas. [confusing "demographic" for "democratic" was funny.] The pitch a couple to Walden, including "JunkShop," which would allow you to enlarge and customize photos of your "junk" to send to girls, and another to time how long you can hold your breath underwater. [teenage boys! who have no idea what the "stopwatch" feature is. sad.] The next night, there's a party in the valley and Walden offers to drive the boys. [again, he has nothing better to do with Zoey still in London.] The guys write down Amy Lane as the address, when that's really the name of the girl having the party. [though it's also an address. yay for my name!] They go to the wrong house and end up just heading to a diner. They see some girls they know, but rather than simply ask them where the party is, they want to text them, but they don't have the girls' numbers. Walden has to give them the idea to try and mac on those girls. [we don't know how it goes, but I can't assume they did all that well...]
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