Monday, April 2, 2012

GCB: "Fun"draising

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The fifth episode. At this point, I generally dump a show if I'm not into it. But, here's the thing... it's not that I dislike this show... it's not that it annoys me... it's that it hasn't hooked me. I don't love the characters, I'm not thrilled with the storylines, and I have no interest in finding out "what happens next." While that is sometimes enough for me to cut my losses, I'm strangely clinging to this show, perhaps because I wanted it to be more interesting. Two episodes next week should do the trick, so let's hope that they reel me in... because Kristin Chenoweth just isn't enough, as sad as that is to say.

Now, about this particular episode... meh. It's nice to see Amanda and Gigi working on the same team, but did we really need to bring in ANOTHER character (Luke)? And why end Heather and Andrew's relationship so early? Plus, with the way Carlene and Cricket are always treating Heather, it's become very difficult to understand why she still associates with them at all... Too bad not everyone was able to have fun with the fundraiser.

GCB "Forbidden Fruit" (S01E05): Sharon is up to typing twelve words a minute, but her volunteering around the church is hindering not only the pastor's work, but also her family's life. [I understand that she's terrible at her "job," but why did Zach have to make it worse by throwing paper balls all over the floor?] In an effort to trap Sharon into spending more time at home, Zach pulls their son out of boarding school, claiming he was expelled yet again. [if your child has been expelled multiple times, the last thing you need to do is remove him from a school that will take him...] The kid immediately begins getting into trouble and Sharon catches on, telling Zach to control their boy. Zach doesn't bother until his son is caught with Cricket's daughter, then he lays down the law. Of course, the pastor also tells Sharon to stop volunteering and spend more time with her family, so she's also available to supervise his behavior from now on. [a last thought about this family? I really don't like the daughter. her jokes are terrible and her eating disorder reference was uncalled for and made little sense.]

Andrew is in the process of moving his company to the area, and Heather and Carlene fight over who will throw a welcome party. [although I understand that Heather wants to one-up Carlene at something, but I don't think throwing a party would have done it.] It soon dies out when Carlene decides to just invite them to the big (as in, they "need" $3M) church fundraiser. [three.million.dollar.fundraiser. not for a new hospital wing or to save lives, but for a single church, for a single project.] The current pastor has only been with the flock for six months, so he doesn't really know how things "normally" happen, and asks Heather to take charge. [I'm surprised Sharon didn't jump in and let him know. Though, of course, fundraisers generally have meetings before the week of the event...] Carlene, upset that Cricket is in charge of entertainment this year, tries to cut off potential donors from Heather. Andrew tells Heather to cut out both of them, and he puts her in touch with Sheryl Crow to entertain instead. Too bad that's where things go downhill for Andrew and Heather, as he is afraid that she only wants his money and power, so he calls off their relationship. [while she does deny it, you know that she did enjoy it.]

Running late from work, Amanda is in an accident on her way to Bitsy's funeral. The (pantless) driver of the other car knows who she is (even having her driver's license number memorized), so he drives off, his pants falling behind. [I don't even have my own DL# memorized... what a creepy guy! And unless Amanda goes into anaphylactic shock upon being stung, she overreacted to that bee.] Amanda later learns that the driver is Carlene's younger brother, Luke. At his first opportunity, he asks her out... taking her to Boobylicious. [even if it's your favorite local place, do you really take a girl there on a first date?]
Burl invites Gigi to Paris, but she declines. That night, Carlene, thinking Luke and Amanda are making out in the bushes, calls the police on Burl and Gigi. [haha!] Shocked, Carlene decides to blackmail Amanda - either she will give up Luke or Carlene will spread the word that Gigi has been "seducing" Burl, the recent widower. [what was the point in having Cricket witness the conversation? Carlene has proven herself to do mean things regardless of who is around...] So, when Luke comes to pickup Amanda, she turns him down without much of an explanation. Gigi brings Amanda to the fundraiser anyway, and Amanda soon has to confess to her mother what happened, thanks to the fact that Carlene didn't get her story straight with Burl. ["casual," by the way, means no diamonds bigger than your head. take note.] To solve the problem, Gigi decides to go public with her relationship and kisses Burl on the stage. [I still think it's rather scandalous, but it doesn't really matter.] Late that night, Luke and Amanda make up. [eh. He lives in Austin, so how often will he be around, anyway?]
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