Monday, April 16, 2012

The Simpsons: Detective Homer & Maturing Bart

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

While I think that there were probably many fans of this episode, I could have done without it. I tend not to be a fan of Lisa-light episodes, but only a smidge of Marge, virtually no Maggie, and unlikeable secondary characters made for two storylines that just didn't really excite me. I thought that there were some good gags (Homer on the lawn chair, Milhouse wearing the elf gear), but the plots weren't all that amusing. Plus, the climax for Homer's story was Marge spoiling the ending of Stranded - not cool. And, the climax for Bart is Jimbo catching him with Shawna, which only resulted in odd scenes of the older boys doing chores and Bart being afraid to go onto his own property. My favorite part of the entire episode? The Oregon/Anywhere conundrum at the top. Here's hoping that the show picks up to push through the end of the season with power!

The Simpsons "Beware My Cheating Bart" (S23E18): The opening zoom-in gave us "Now Entering Oregon," only for the chalkboard message to turn around and say, "The true Location of Springfield is in any state but yours." [yep. They cranked out a time-sensitive option to joke about Groening's statements last week. And, yeah, we were among those who jumped at the chance to report that the two-decade-old show is set in Oregon, when that was just a misinterpretation of Groening's words. our bad.] The couch gag, however, was just strange. It portrayed the lifespan of the couch, from always being there for Homer, to the involved relationship he has right up until he meets Marge. The couch even cries as Homer marries Marge, then turns to a life of degradation, including attempt suicide by jumping in a garbage truck. But, Homer saves it and brings it home, and that's how it now resides in the living room. [nope, it's not just you. It really was that awkward and boring of a story. the different style of animation was its saving grace]

After dropping off Bart and Milhouse at the movies, Homer gorges himself at the food court, then wanders into a sports store where he's tricked into paying $300/month (or $10/day) for a machine - the ButtWhisperer. [and, just like that, we already know the two storylines going on - something will happen to Bart at the movies, and Homer will have to exercise on the machine he just bought.] Jimbo & Co are also at the movies, and they plan to see a horror flick. Problematically, Jimbo's girlfriend, Shawna, would rather see a Jennifer Aniston movie... so Jimbo makes Bart be her chaperone. [hahaha] The next day, Jimbo has again pawned off his girlfriend on Bart, and he even takes the blame for her when she's caught shoplifting. His reward? His first flashing! [kids today have no respect for their bodies!] It sticks
with him and he avoids anything breast-shaped afterward. We see visions of Shawna and Bart out doing things together. [but completely unbelievable things - like driving cars and meeting up in hotels and whatnot.] Eventually, Jimbo catches Bart kissing Shawna and beats him up. [Jimbo has the combined hair of his two goon friends! I never knew that. Is this the first time we've seen him sans hat? I did laugh at "everyone's a swimming pool lawyer."] When Bart eventually gets home, Lisa points out that Shawna should choose herself over the boys. [I guess this is the only thing they could do to write-in Lisa this episode? and what in the world was with that "flame war" in the comic book shop??]

Homer spends all of his time watching Stranded (cough LOST cough) on his new treadmill, and it's not long before he realizes that he can use his lawnchair to put over the conveyor belt, so he's not even exercising. [haha! I'd worry about it shaking a little and then throwing me off, though!] Marge catches Homer and makes him get rid of the treadmill if he's not using it properly, so he just watches television on the floor in the basement with DVDs. [....and this is the sign of an obsessed fool.] Homer holds a Stranded discussion group (yes, five years after it left the air), but he keeps using an airhorn when someone mentions a spoiler beyond the episodes that he has seen. Marge ruins the story for him, but they make up in the end.

Oh, and their entire world (Futurama included) is on a pebble of kitty litter, just like in the Stranded wrap-up that Marge gives Homer.
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