Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HIMYM: 1 Baby, 2 Brides

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm in the camp who believes that Marshall and Lily just made a terrible parenting decision in naming their son Marvin Waitforit Erickson. I'm also in the camp that always wanted Barney and Robin to end up together. And, I am in the majority who are sick and tired of wasting time with Ted's storyline - we know for SO MANY REASONS that Victoria can't be "the mother." I think anyone with half a brain realized that Barney's "magic trick" was going to result in a proposal. I think that the "stories" that Robin and Ted managed to come up with to help distract Lily from the pains of labor were too "out there," even for this show. I think that Marshall and Barney's trip from Atlantic City to the hospital started out full of promise but fell apart with the bus passengers all claiming they were suffering from heart attacks. I don't want to call "worse season finale ever," but I'm darn close. Why sprinkle good intentions with such garbage? We know that the show isn't going to last all that much longer, and that they don't want a "mother reveal" too early, but these detours are pretty drastic and nearly insane at this point...

How I Met Your Mother "The Magician's Code Part One" (S07E23): Barney and Marshall are stuck in Atlantic City, drunk. There's a big convention in town, making a cab to the train station impossible. Barney wants to take a motorcycle, but in gambling to win it, they use the wrong machine. [no pity, that was just dumb.] Barney steals it and security catches him. [I couldn't see the point in spending a minute trying to get Marshall up two steps.] Marshall tries to get cash from an ATM, only to visualize the original Legend of Zelda and other games, getting his card chewed up in the process. [another occasion where there's a new sign put up because of something the gang did.] They get two seats on a bus to New York, but find out later that it's going directly to Buffalo. Marshall and Barney beg, but the only thing that helps is when several senior citizen passengers claim they have heart attacks and their doctors are in Manhattan. Marshall makes it to the birth.

Oh yeah, the birth. So, while Barney and Marshall are hurriedly trying to make it to Lily, Ted and Robin are stuck occupying her until her contractions are only four minutes apart, which is when the hospital will admit her. Lily wants to hear stories, so Robin talks about delivering foals, the worst cab ride ever, and getting to second base with Neil Young (though it's really someone else). Then, Ted talks about the Cuban Sandwich Crisis (AKA Robin takes the blame for Ted's stank), Marshall's cursed pants (hideous and have a matching jacket), and the time everyone hid in a closet to scare Marshall at the bar. [one dumb, one funny, one gross. but who pulls out a strip of paper after already wearing the pants a bit?] Ted wanted to send out an elaborate "Lily's in labor" email, and when it turns out that he actually did, she gets calls non-stop and her father arrives, who is the one person Lily's didn't want in a medical situation. [yeah, some of my friends send texts or announce on Facebook when they're going into labor. others just post pictures of the baby later. I lean toward the latter being a batter method.] Lily heads to the hospital and is too far along to be given an epidural. [good Terminator joke, followed by a really bad story about an arm hair that wound up being a shirt thread.]

Marvin Waitforit Erickson is born. [not Aldrin-Erickson, mind you. even though we have no reason to believe that Lily ever did change her name.]

How I Met Your Mother "The Magician's Code Part Two" (S07E24): [LOVED the "that guy's a dad!" joke!] Robin tells Ted that he needs to stay on one girl, and to quit jumping around, encouraging him to call Victoria. [shut up, Robin. you fail.] So, he does, and they make immediate plans to catch-up. She shows up to MacLaren's in a wedding dress, saying that she left the event because she's always thought of him. [blah blah blah. and that's a very cheesy line about the highway to the sunset!] Ted and Victoria begin driving but he decides to take her back to her wedding, only to change his mind at the last moment anyway. [shenanigans!]

Marshall and Lily want Robin to photograph the baby, but she keeps getting horrible shots. [why is Ted jealous of that??] The best picture turns out to be the new family all asleep together.

Barney returns to his apartment to find it hideously decorated in pink, but he's just thrilled Quinn is still there.[awww. romance.] Barney and Quinn head to Hawaii and there's a magic trick in his luggage, which he explains by saying he wanted to check out a convention while on vacation. [no!!] TSA flags it for explosives, but Barney claims he can't reveal the trick due to The Magician's Code." He does let one TSA agent know about it, but they get detained anyway. [I'm so sad that they missed their flight!] Barney learns that Quinn has quit her job as a stripper, so when she goes to leave him in the room, he reveals the trick to a full audience - it's very complicated but results in a proposal.
Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS
But, in a flash-forward to Barney's wedding once again, it's revealed that Robin is the bride.
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