Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pregnant in Heels: Intimacy & Quirkiness

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

It's been a while since Rosie Pope's Pregnant in Heels was on the air. If you didn't catch any of the first season, the Bravo program follows Rosie's "maternity concierge" business, where she basically attempts to solve any pregnancy-related problem you can imagine. She has people to help you decide on a baby name, be a midwife, plan a baby shower, ask someone to be a godparent, paint a maternity portrait, and more. So, each episode focuses on Rosie helping out two soon-to-be mothers, throws in a sprinkling of Rosie's own family (and her infertility), and makes sure to throw in a few "Mummy IQ" questions to quiz parents' preparedness for children. This episode had one couple who was struggling with intimacy in the third trimester (we've seen this before) and one who wasn't 100% sure what they wanted in a laboring experience. Neither really stand out in the grand scheme of things, but it's a fine comeback for the New York reality project.

Photo by: David Giesbrecht /Bravo
Pregnant in Heels "Homebirth with a Side of Placenta" (S02E01): Rosie's clothing line is selling well and she's had to hire more help with her maternity concierge business. Darrin also runs the business side now, which is probably a good thing, because they're now expecting their third child so they'll be plenty busy with lots of things! 

Client 1: Helena and Svet - a couple with LOTS of money - like they own a handful of cars including a Ferrari and a Maserati. Helena wants a more active sex life but Svet doesn't want to be intimate while Helena is pregnant. Helena struggles to swaddle a doll (though she has a nanny for her first child). Helena struggles with urine control, so Rosie suggests 200 Kegels a day. [200? higher than you normally read, I believe.] The first specialist Rosie brings in is Catherine, who talks to them about their former sex life. Then, they go to a Kama Sutra expert to work on some positions that might make Svet more comfortable. [AKA stop him from focusing on the belly.] The couple finally connects a bit, but Rosie isn't done yet. She introduces Svet to Brett, a lifestyle coach, who gives him a wardrobe makeover, works him out at the gym, and gives him a spray tan. We learn that Svet has gained weight and lost self-confidence. [poor guy seemed to be taking that hard.] Meanwhile, Rosie takes Helena for new bedroom wear... but instead of lingerie, they focus on a conservative nightgown, as Svet has previously mentioned that he fantasizes about cabins in Canada and bundling up. [to each their own, right?] Rosie sends them on a private dinner date in a great location and things heat up. At the end of the episode, Natalija is born and the couple is planning a romantic getaway to Canada.

Client 2: Christina and Fritz - first-time parents who run a conceptual art space. She's eight months pregnant and thinking about how she wants to give birth. Fritz envisions delivering unassisted in the woods, but Christina is thinking perhaps a home birth, though she'll need a midwife. They also discuss "elimination communication" as an alternative to diapering, and it's something that Fritz wants to explore more, so Rosie gives him a doll in a carrier and they go to the grocery store to run an errand. She tells him when the baby will has to "go," and if he can't handle the situation quickly enough, Rosie uses basters of "stuff" to show what a mess the newborn will make. [this whole thing messed with my mind. GROSS. at least she helped him by "saying" when the child would relieve himself! oh, and they do decide to diaper after all.] Next, Rosie brings a hypnotherapist to prepare Christina for her preferred type of pain management. Then, it's time to interview two potential midwives. Simone talks about positioning and instruments, but they choose Linda who talks about safe home births. [and there's a very odd moment when Fritz raps in Chinese.] Christina is in a lot of pain during the labor, and she spends hours in various positions, and the midwife threatens an episiotomy before baby Keats is born. The storyline ends with Rosie making a placenta smoothie for Christina, who wants to drink it to prevent post-partum depression.

Mummy IQ Questions: How do you swaddle a baby? After a second baby, how likely will it be that you'll struggle to control your urine? What percentage of home births get transferred to a hospital? (12%) What are some reasons? (breach baby, fetal distress, high blood pressure) How often a newborn baby goes to the restroom? (every ten minutes)
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Anonymous said...

Does it seem to you that svet and helena perhaps don't have the money the show tries to suggest? The house looks pretty tiny to have a mazerati parked behind it. It doesn't even look like it's in the city when Rosie first walks into it. It's a corner house with a red house across the street. Thoughts?

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

Most of the houses Rosie visits seem to be outside of the City, so I don't think that makes much of a difference. And, while it could be that they collect fancy cars, I would have a difficult time believing their money is only tied up in those. Interesting observation, though!