Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Secret Life: Friendship & Relationship Issues

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Something just rubbed me the wrong way with Jane and Jackie. It became clear pretty quickly that they are tired of being single mothers and don't watch after their children all that closely, even in a strange place with a stairwell only feet away. Part of me wonders if they're going to try and pawn off their toddlers on Ricky and Amy (which means Ricky) for a few days or something... I mean, Amy hasn't talked about that music program in FOREVER, and I don't even think she's playing anymore... so why bring them back now? Similarly, I found it odd that this would be the episode that Madison and Lauren finally get back together, but they want to leave Amy out of the loop because of her drama... And that's all before we look at the random "friendships" between Jacob and Ethan or Camille and Betty... Secret Life sure is setting up something big...

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Allies" (S04E21): Amy is getting Cs in her summer courses, which she didn't know would go onto her permanent record. [I'm sick of her "but it's summer" excuse. if you wanted "summer," you never should have gone to school during it, eh?] Katelyn recommends that she start taking school more seriously, offering her office for the day to help Amy catch up. Amy thinks that dropping out would be easier, as she has too much on her plate, unlike her friends who still have parents to do everything for them. [but, let's not forget, nobody kicked Amy out of George's house... she left on her own accord.]

Some of Amy's friends from the teen mom music program show up at the butcher shop apartment with their children and want to stay there. Amy is fine with it, but Ricky doesn't find it appropriate. Amy tells him to stay at George's, but he wants to stay in his own place. Later, one of the kids escapes and the girls don't notice - they're talking about how nice Amy's place is and how great Ricky is. The girls just want to enjoy some vacation, so Ricky says he'll watch their kids for a while, as Amy is stuck at school. [you guys already heard my thoughts on this mess.]

Now that Madison will talk to Lauren, Henry hopes that maybe Ben will talk to him, but it isn't that easy. Henry also tells Alice that he misses her, and wants to be friends... but she still loves him and can't "just be friends." Those aren't the only friendships with problems, though. Lonely Jacob is excited when Ethan takes a liking to him, and the two plan to hang out with some older girls in Kathleen's guesthouse. But, Margaret caught Ethan trying to sneak out, so she goes to lecture Jacob. [why didn't Margaret involve Kathleen?]

Grace isn't going to sleep with Jack again unless she's ready for a lifetime commitment, but when Jack won't even make out with her if that's all they're going to do. On the flip side, Omar is ready for commitment - he proposes to Adrian, as he's going to graduate from college soon and doesn't want her to be with anyone else. [they've only been together like three months, right?] 

And, with the adults, Kathleen and George spend time together, and Betty tells Camille to give up on the idea of having a baby with Leo. [shocking! I'm surprised that Camille even agreed to dinner!]
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