Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burn Notice - "Last Rites"

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Burn Notice (S06E03)

In short: Michael and friends get back to underground work for Pierce while Fi uses a tuna can full of thermite to stay alive in the clink.

[This episode is only going to have a brief summary because a blogging tool that shall remain nameless blows big monkey balls and can't save correctly.]

Anson leaves a voicemail for Pierce, taunting her with info about the man who killed her fiance. She bites, then drags in Michael for help. He, in turn, drags in the clan. They split into 2 teams: one to stalk the killer's son and the other to trick the killer into thinking he's dying so he'll give up the location of precious CIA secret files. [PS: The killer is on a Costa cruise ship...]
Photo by Glenn Watson/USA Network
Tripping the dude out with an overdose of Prazocin, they make everyone on the cruise think meningococcal is taking over the ship. The killer calls Junior to give him the location of the files. Sam and Nate tail him and walk into a deal to sell it to the Russians. Pierce puts more pressure on the killer, who thinks he's on his deathbed, and the son turns on the Russians.  Sam and Nate swoop in to recover the files and capture the kid.

Meanwhile, in the slammer, Fi strikes a deal with Ayn, the supplier of her cell block [the 'Red' of this prison if you know your prison movies...], to find out the name of her would-be killer.  All she has to do in return is close a door for 2 minutes, so how does she do it? with thermite [Like a Boss, that is...]. It works, and she gets her info. Michael gets to visit her and they exchange an emotional moment in which they both cry. [I'm not sure they've ever cried this much actually... feels strange...]

On the way out, Michael gets a note explaining her situation, and the potential killer's name and address...

Spy Lessons:
  • The only difference between poison and medicine is dosage.
Best Line of the Episode:  "It's probably the CIA. They've always hated me."

Predictions: It's Anson... it's ALWAYS Anson...
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