Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cake Boss: Ice Age, Elevator, Spelling Cakes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Marissa is in the second episode, and she's still getting pranked. Anthony smashes a cream pie in her face, and then Maurizio does the same. She at least gets him back, though. Speaking of the second episode, I would have really loved an image of the spelling bee cake, but I guess we can't get that lucky. Not a whole lot happened in the first episode - a random woman gets to work on a cake with Buddy for a whopping 90 minutes... and a giant plug for Ice Age 4. I found it amusing that Mauro's son (also called Buddy) gets to accompany them on the spelling bee cake delivery - wouldn't it have been during the day? Or was this some sort of evening bee? Regardless, nothing too memorable in either episode, in business or in family drama.

Cake Boss "Ice-ing on the Cake" (S05E11): Buddy gets called by BlueSky, the people behind Ice Age. He takes his three oldest kids on a tour where they see some of the characters made of clay and how the voices are mixed with the animation. Buddy gets to act out Manny and Peaches in the scene where she wants to talk to boys and he pretty much says "over my dead body." [I laughed at the bit: "I would be available for Ice Age 5, just sayin.'"] After watching a tiny bit of the film, Buddy's off to go work on the cake. There's a turntable and ice involved, and before you know it, Buddy wants to do ice sculptures. [that was cool. I am always intrigued by ice carvings!] Buddy breaks a big piece but they're able to repair it. [how? that would have been interesting to see.] He also has some problems with the "iceberg boat" as well, and Buddy is paranoid that the structure will leak because there's quite a bit of water involved. Frankie tells Ralph that he has to take the acorn from Scrat in order for it to be accurate, but otherwise there are no complaints. [The characters look great!]

A family from Montana wins a sweepstakes and gets to make a cake with Buddy. They do a carousel cake in about an hour and a half. [LoL, only because they had pre-baked cakes to work with!]

Cake Boss "Going Up" (S05E12): A guy whose daughter was born in a hospital elevator comes in to get a cake for his daughter's 8th birthday. They want an elevator cake re-enacting the moment, which Buddy will put on the bottom while making the top to celebrate the girl's interests. [all those "groovy girl flowers" looked gaudy.] Buddy doesn't like the proportions/layout of the cake, so they have to move stacked cakes to other boards, which is asking for trouble. It all works out, though, and the cake is delivered to the home party. [great faces on the parent figurines! we never see anyone actually have parties at their houses on this show, LoL!]
A representative from the North Jersey Spelling Bee comes in for a cake. Mauro takes the order, and the big request is for some of the winning national spelling bee words to appear. Mauro tests Grace (who is apparently college-educated) on the words, then Anthony, but neither do very well. [it was actually rather obnoxious to listen to them spell so poorly.] Mauro doesn't want to mess up the words so he gets two girls to do most of the writing on the cake. [LoL!] Before the cake is presented, though, we see a tiny bit of the bee, including the winning word. [yay! I LOVE the spelling bee!]
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