Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Teen Mom: Farrah's Family, Maci's Classes...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Sophia and Bentley are talking so well now! We never hear Leah, so it's difficult to talk about her speech, but I imagine that she's quite similar, which is good because talking kids are much cuter. I actually am starting to wonder which one tends to be up to the most mischief, but it's difficult to tell when we see them in such different environments. Anyway, this episode has Farrah back to dealing with her parents' desire to keep Sophia with them, Amber still in rehab, Catelynn making an appearance in a support group, and Maci making some major career decisions. Catelynn's story was pretty much a wash - nothing new or exciting there, though we do see her interact with her grandmother. I'm convinced that the show needs to keep showing Amber in rehab in order to draw out the fact that she's now in jail. Farrah and Maci had decent storylines, but I'm kinda tired of the same stuff between Farrah and her family each time that they see one another.

Teen Mom "Homecoming" (S04E05): Timeline-wise, Catelynn states that she gave up Carly for adoption about 2.5 years prior. Amber is still in her 30-45-day rehab. Farrah has lived in Florida for a month but school has not yet started. It's still summer for Maci.

Farrah: it's been a month since she moved to Florida, and they're going to Iowa (with the dog) for the weekend to visit the family and for Farrah to have her braces removed. [why are they bringing the dog? we know that Farrah knows a few people (one of whom owes her a dog-sitting favor), so why go through the hassle and expense of lugging it along when it's such a short trip?] Sophia really enjoys talking to Farrah's parents via Skype. [how cute!] Farrah talks to her therapist for advice on how to deal with her parents. [I don't know that it made all that much of a difference. of course, Farrah's mother comments that her having braces hardly made a difference, so clearly everyone has their own opinions...] Her sister, Ashley, is going to come back with them for a few days, so her mom wants to take that opportunity to visit, too. She is also, of course, still trying to take Sophia while Farrah is in school. [I seriously need her to give it up. Farrah is not a "new mom" anymore - I think she's got it under control.] Her dad even mentions it, which only makes Farrah more annoyed. Lastly, we see the family (minus Ashley) have a cook-out for Farrah's belated 20th birthday. 

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Maci: she needs to sign up for her classes, and is worried that she won't be able to keep up with five of them (Comp II, history, math, poetry, mass communication). Maci goes to academic advising and is told that she might be taking on too much... which pushes her all of the way into thinking that perhaps she needs to pursue a two-year degree instead. So, she meets with "the head of the journalism department" to talk about an AAS degree, which requires more specialized courses, but would allow her to finish in Spring 2013, which she's happy about. [I question the woman's actual title because what kind of journalism professor says, "where you're at" when discussing a student's academic path??] Maci really wants to keep her poetry class, and also has to keep her algebra course, but changes the rest of her plans to just take Intro to Mass Comm as her final course, finishing the semester with nine credits. [once again, to each their own. I do hope that she doesn't have to drop/withdraw this semester, though!] There's also mention that Maci is looking at preschools for Bentley, but we don't get any more details than that. 

Amber: Amber spends some time with Leah, even giving her a bath. Amber and Gary see a new therapist, and Amber just really wants to spend more time with Gary and Leah. They're told to keep the parental discord away from Leah. [you know, the same bit of information that they've hear a thousand times.]

Catelynn: her dad's mom visits, and Catelynn talks about teaching K-2 and being an adoption counselor. She's invited to do a birth parent support group at the last minute, and her grandmother goes, too, as she can relate a bit to some of the young mothers - she was pregnant at 17 and didn't have a lot of support. [I'm not sure how likely this scenario could be in real life, but I'll go with it - sometimes serendipity just works that way.] 
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