Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pregnant in Heels: Birthphobia/Bad Dog/Ghost!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I don't really understand why you'd allow yourself to become pregnant and then carry a child nearly to term when you are scared to death of giving birth and everything involved. Once again, maybe it's the plan-ahead mentality that I can't get rid of, but I'm just baffled. I'm glad that she got through it, but, honestly, what choices did she have? I mean, I guess she could have tried for an elective cesarean, but otherwise, Emily was going to have to deliver the child... however, at least the whole thing was more interesting that the "possessed nursery" concept. Maybe I just don't buy into the paranormal/supernatural as much as some people, but I wasn't impressed with the clients in any way, really. And, of course, it didn't help that there were no Mummy IQ questions in either episode to get some quick laughs. Oh well. it's been a quick run, though, the season finale is already next week!

Pregnant in Heels "The Case of the Ghost Infested Nursery" (S02E09): Rosie and Daron go to Pea in a Pod to present a line that might get picked up in their store. She has issues with her speech and it trips her up, and she doesn't say much about how this would work outside of New York, but she winds up accepted anyway. [so Rosie's background is working in maternity retail?]

Client #1: Emily and Dustin, nine months pregnant, and she's terrified of the labor process. [not unheard of, sure. but this girl... eek!] She doesn't want to think about the pain, needles, etc. That's not their only issue, though... one of their dogs is violent with dolls and territorial with toys, so Rosie worries about it being around an infant. [I would, too!] Emily doesn't think that this is a big issue, though Dustin is ready to ship the dog off to Hawaii to live with Emily's mother. [haha! one of these years I'm going to have to get a pet... I just don't totally get the emotional attachment that someone can feel for an animal...] Rosie brings a dog trainer to the house and they set up an infant living room, and, once again, Mikey the Dog goes after the doll. [why not just put up cages to isolate the dog to one area/room?] They do some exercises with the dog but Rosie still thinks that sending it away (even if only for a year) would be the best option. [a year? then bring it back? why bother bringing it back? again, I'm not a pet-person. we had fish, birds, and reptiles growing up... nothing you actually played with, LoL. although I hear some people become infatuated with their talking parrots.] Moving on, Rosie has a nurse talk to the couple about childbirth, and the mention of "tearing" and "episiotomy" cause Emily to need a break. [oh goodness! I bet the poor girl regretted ever getting pregnant in that moment!] She begins crying and is overwhelmed, so Rosie brings them to a behavioral therapist. [while that wouldn't have been my guess, I suppose it makes sense!] He helps her do some diaphragmatic breathing while listening to some women laboring. She doesn't want to finish the video, and although they encourage her, she stops. [can't do that when you're really in labor, hon!] They get Emily to watch the rest of the video, and when Rosie visits Baby Jaden, Mikey has made significant improvements. Emily says that the birth wasn't as bad as she thought it would be and that the breathing techniques helped a lot. 

Client #2: Joanne and Damon live in NJ and are pregnant with their first. [I find it odd that Rosie would even entertain the idea of taking them on as clients when they won't discuss their desires beforehand.] They hear sounds in the house and think they have ghosts in their nursery. They don't want to move, but shades moving freaks them out. [agreed - that would scare me, too.] Rosie brings in some paranormal investigators who take some strong readings. [loves that maternity dress Rosie was wearing!] They have a recorder to capture any sounds when they are all in that room, but the only thing that is added to the tape when it is replayed is some creaking. Then, Rosie brings over a psychic/medium to try to talk to the ghost. [so... a seance leader? is a Ouija board next?] They put up three candles (for mind, body, and spirit) and sit on the floor with their palms face-up and their eyes closed. They realize that the ghost died suddenly and "returned home." [...ooook....] The medium says that they can clear the room with incense and just move on to have a safe room for the baby, so that's what they do. When Rosie meets Dylan, the parents report that they haven't heard anything. [so... the "ghost" just took off when a baby inhabited that room? again, I don't know enough about this sort of thing I guess.]

Mummy IQ: N/A
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