Monday, July 16, 2012

Falling Skies: Failing Hope

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, a lot happened here! I have to say that I was a little disappointed that about half of the clips that the Falling Skies panel showed at Comic-Con were from this episode... so we only got about two days of "special knowledge." The remaining scenes were practically covered in the preview for next week as well. But, that's besides the point. I has been expecting Weaver's health to take a turn for the worst, but I certainly was not expecting such drastic measures to be taken! Then again, I wasn't expecting Karen and Ben to bond... and then run away together. They probably won't be gone too long, but the drama in this show is heating up this season! 

Falling Skies "Homecoming" (S02E06): Tom wakes up with Anne and he's late for the 9am meeting, where Weaver talks about how everyone is getting sloppy. Weaver begins to shake and twitch, and he puts Tom in charge of getting everyone to Charleston should the worst happen. It turns out that the infection in his leg has spread, and they're not sure how they should help him. [how horrifying!] Tom's answer is to get him to Charleston, where someone might know what to do, so he gets people to start prepping to leave the area. But, they don't have enough diesel fuel to do so - Weaver had them siphoning the trucks to run the generators. [I wonder why... Weaver had planned to go to Charleston... right?] They need to widen their search for fuel and stop using the generators except for the ICU. A plan also comes about to pump out Weaver's blood, warm it up to kill the pathogen, then pump it back. [sounds a little above and beyond Dr. Glass's ability, if you ask me.] Jamil is told to build this sort of heating pump, and they begin the process - just in time to lose power and have to continue manually. As luck would have it, more fuel shows up, so they're not without for long. [does it strike anyone else as odd that the scouting group found more than they could carry?]
James Dittiger
Elsewhere, Maggie tells Hal that she's requested to be transferred. They don't get to discuss it, though, because they stumble upon the bodies of some kids who have had their harnesses removed. [SUPER CREEPY.] They keep checking them for signs of life and find Karen, barely alive. [well, ain't that just convenient?] Back at the 2nd Mass, Ben claims that Karen is still attached to the skitters, as he can hear them. So, they put Karen in a psych room, and she soon talks about watching Tom being tortured. Her memories are sketchy - she was in a pod on the ship and then she was laying on the ground in the woods. She doesn't know how her harness was removed, but guesses that she had "served her purpose." Ben is sure that they shouldn't trust her, but at the same time wants to stay with her. [what??] After talking with her, Ben shares that they can both hear things and have superhuman strength. They kiss and she falls to the floor, just as Hal arrives. Hal goes to find Ben while Maggie goes to talk to Karen - pulling two guns on her and demanding that Karen leave the 2nd Mass. [I'm not quite sure how much of this demand is jealousy...] A fight soon breaks out, with Karen severely injuring Maggie. Ben shows up and takes Karen with him - they're going to go to a "safe place" where they'll be accepted. [uhhh... where do you think they're off to, though?] Hal catches up with them but Ben hurts him so they can escape. [the ongoing Hal/Ben frustrations are only half intriguing... the other half is very annoying!] 

In one last set of events, an injured Pope is found ten miles away. He had been shot at by skitters... while he's doing okay, he does share that the "fishheads" are after Ben, and that Karen did the translating when the Skitters were after Pope. Looks like Ben is part of the Rebellion after all...
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