Friday, July 27, 2012

Newsroom Factroom - I'll Try to Fix You

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Last week's election episode was fact-heavy, so this show will be a bit lighter.  I'm skipping the rules this time, so if you're curious as to what this series of articles covers, take a time-warp

Getting to it...
  • Don Quixote is written in Spanish.
  • Background checks for gun sales jumped 42% in the month Obama was elected as compared to the year before.
    • Close enough...
      • The fact is taken from Time here, who actually rounded up from 41.64% ... but they had all the correct numbers from the FBI.
    • The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gives President Obama an F.
      • Accurate.
        • While there doesn't seem to be any digital record from the actual Brady Campaign to prove it, there are plenty of stories about the rating
    • The rumor that President Obama's trip to India will cost $200 million dollars a day was blatantly false.
      • Of course.
        • The Economist went to bat on this one because it reached epic proportions so rapidly.  This was just an election trick Obama's critics threw out there exactly on the day of mid-term elections. covered it well also.
    • NPR misreported Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords' death in the shooting at a public event.
      • Accurate
        • I think most remember this one because it wasn't that long ago and was a major mistake.  There are many articles covering the fiasco, but the penance was far too light.  To say 'NPR handled the mistake well' is ludicrous, as they are the offender.  Death has lost respect in today's instant-news ecosystem and NPR should have been held far more accountable than it was.  If reporters can be fired over a tweet of a wrongful death, then news agencies should receive punishment relative to the same. 
    A squeaky-clean slate for this one, which is preferable. Now if only they would cover events dealing with non-republicans...
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