Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teen Mom: Catelynn & Bentley have School Woes, Farrah Dates, Amber's Back

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Is it just me, or is Bentley the cutest little two-year-old boy? Of course, it can't be that hard to be adorable on a show where your competition is Sophia and Leah... those two are so different. Not that it's their own fault... I CAN'T STAND how Farrah's mother talks to or about Sophia... no wonder Farrah wants to live a thousand miles away! It's also rather awkward to watch Amber try to be a good parent to Leah when you know that she's going to wind up in the slammer because she sucks at life. Hopefully, Catelynn isn't going down a similar path... because Tyler ain't having a wife who doesn't have a college education! I was actually a little taken aback when he expressed how he felt about that... I mean, I feel the same way, but I've got a decade on the kid. Either way, we're officially on the final wind-down for the show, as it is ending after this season. Are you even bothering to tune-in anymore, or have you already given up on these four moms? 

Teen Mom "Fresh Start" (S04E07): Amber's 60 days are up, it's probably August for Catelynn and Tyler, Maci might be in early September now, and Farrah is probably mid-August.

Farrah: Her mom is still around for the bulk of the episode, but rarely seen. Before she leaves, however, she does talk about wanting to come again soon. [ugh. it's times like these that I'm glad my mother doesn't fly. I'd go crazy if she was always trying to visit!] Her sister has gone back already. Farrah dates a new guy, Daniel, who has a big family in Austin. They go horseback riding the day before she starts school. [I can't believe she worse a dress on purpose.]

Maci: It's Bentley's first day of preschool, and he's upset about it, though he eventually does okay when they get there. [I was shocked Kyle lied to him like that! why is Maci all broken out again? and are we supposed to believe Ryan has a classical music ringback tone?] Ryan is still very skeptical that Bentley should be in preschool, plus he's running behind, so Maci has to go pick up Bentley, even though it's Ryan's turn. Ryan isn't working or going to school right now, and his mother is pushing for him to pursue 50/50 custody. [I can't stand how Ryan tries to coach answers out of Bentley!]
Photo: MTV
Amber: As her stint in rehab winds down, she makes a list of what she needs to do when she gets out: get her license, start school, move in with Gary and Leah. [part of me kinda hopes she won't be able to pass the test for the GED at this point. she's put it off forever and I'm spiteful, what else can I say?] Her therapist's advice for life outside of there? Show up for appointments. Amber's mom picks her up from the airport and she gets to see Leah the next day, presenting her with a necklace, a cup, a hat, and some socks. [odd assortment, but it wasn't exactly a tourist trip!] 

Catelynn: This is apparently the longest Butch has been out of jail in 20 years, and it hasn't even been three months. [I don't even know what to say about that...!] Catelynn hasn't gotten everything in for school yet, and Tyler and friends pressure her to get everything done in time - the semester starts in about a month. [they sleep in their regular clothes?? gross.] She starts to feel overwhelmed, and when Tyler goes to the hairdresser with his mother (who is going without a perm for the first time since Tyler has been alive), he expresses his concern that maybe she won't be attending college at all. That's not cool with him, but she does make an appointment to talk to someone in financial aid, so maybe she's back on track.
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