Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Falling Skies: It's a Coup!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Though I like the objectives of the 2nd Mass, they couldn't expect to come into another group and have everything go their way! That said, I was a bit shocked at everything that happened with Arthur Manchester! First, he thinks that having Tom there will be a brilliant addition. Then, he tells Tom that, while he wants him by his side, he better not speak the truth and ruin the "election" coming up. After Tom does point out Arthur's hypocrisy to the masses, he wants Tom locked up... only to wind up being forced into the cell himself! Yep, that's right! Manchester's opponent, General Bressler, agrees more with Tom and Weaver, so a coup d'etat erupts! Part of me is excited, as we studied quite a few coups in high school history class and I want to see how that works out... the other part is rather worried! What will it be like for everyone to live under martial law? Will Bressler wind up letting Weaver be in charge? With only one episode left this season, just where will the cliffhanger be??

Falling Skies "The Price of Greatness" (S02E09): The 2nd Mass is greeted with cheers in Charleston, and Weaver is united with Jean (who works in the kitchen) while Tom sees his college professor/mentor, Arthur (the leader). [cheers? really? why, exactly?] Weaver asks Jean what happened to Diego and the others, and she explains that after a Skitter attack, nobody else made it to the rendezvous point so she moved on alone. [wow. that must have been really rough!] She believes that they could still be out there, but Manchester wouldn't send a patrol. In fact, Manchester plays on the complete defensive, not wanting to "pick fights" with the aliens. [so... they've just been living in hiding. got it.] He wants Tom to be a founder alongside him, and though he's honored to be asked, once Tom talks about the potential Skitter Revolution, Manchester backs off a bit. On the military side, General Bressler doesn't want to hear much about Weaver's tactics and experience, as they're not going out hunting anyway. [can you imagine what Weaver would do if he wasn't doing military stuff??] There are bigger problems, however... the housing situation spreads out the 2nd Mass across a dozen units AND everyone is asked to turn in their weapons for safekeeping. After some consideration, Weaver agrees that it's the best thing for now, and Tom reluctantly agrees. [there's seriously a newsletter? the South Caroline Gazette gets slid under doors every morning? or weekly, I hope! this is totally NOT a priority!]
Photo: Cate Cameron
Hal finds it ridiculous that they're sitting around having target practice and practicing disassembling weapons, but Weaver tells him to be a leader and he behaves. Matt, on the other hand starts a fight with a kid at school (who claimed that the 2nd Mass tells nothing but tall tales), and gets suspended for a week. [so... the cheering was fake?] Elsewhere, in the medical ward, Anne is told she'll be practicing pediatrics rather than emergency stuff, so she's a bit disheartened. [Lourdes, who has been assigned the surgical unit, gives her a tour... but just how long had the younger girl been there?? I did like how Anne demanded a full walk-though of each patient's chart (as would be professional courtesy).]

Pope and the Berserkers are planning to get out of there, but Maggie catches them and tries to stop them from raiding the weapons area. Unfortunately, when the sentries arrive, they misinterpret the situation and all of them wind up locked away. [someone getting shot was pretty intense, though!] Tom appeals to Arthur to let Maggie go, but Arthur is afraid to "look weak" before the "meeting" that night. Hal talks about breaking out Maggie, but she's still disgusted that he wasn't bothered by her past. Also, Arthur talks to Pope, asking for information about Tom in exchange for being let go. [Arthur is just looking worse and worse!] He gives up nothing, wanting to be the one who takes down Tom. [ha!]

At the meeting, Jean speaks about her friends and how she thinks that a rescue effort should be made. [I want to know who else brought up topics and what they were!] Tom agrees with her, reads from Manchester's book where he talks about not being free during the American Revolution until the enemy is gone from the land, and then is interrupted... a de-harnessed boy arrives with a message for Tom: there's a development and the red-eyed Skitter wants to talk. [why is Tom considered "THE hero of the 2nd Mass" ??] Manchester won't allow them to leave, fearing attack. Plus, Arthur is upset for Tom opposing him. [yup.]

Well, the 2nd Mass wants to go anyway, so Hal stages a prison-break to rescue Maggie (the two now have clean slates) and the de-harnessed boy. [I don't like Hal as a vigilante-of-sorts.] Porter supports what they're doing, but they're infiltrated and placed under arrest by Manchester, who is detaining all dissidents because they're in "a state of emergency." [seriously?] Tom asks Bressler to convince Manchester that they're right, but it doesn't work. The driver (Sergeant Murphy, who immediately became loyal to Bressler at the start of the episode) decides to side with the 2nd Mass. [then why even build him up to be an immediate lackey?]

Before you know it, everyone from the 2nd Mass is quarantined until they prove they can be trusted. [are you KIDDING me??] A civilian charge of treason goes out against Tom, Weaver, and others, but Bressler sees reason and imprisons Manchester... so Charleston is now under martial law. [oh goodness!]
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