Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Exes: Haskell & Amelia; Holly & Paul

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I didn't think that the title particularly fit this episode... partly because I didn't think Holly had the "A story" and partly because it's not like she hadn't been dating for a while... she's just unlucky in love, as always. It's really taking the attention off of Eden, who has gone from entering the second trimester to nearing delivery in just a few episodes. Of course, I've been complaining that Haskell doesn't get his own stories, but when he does, I'm not thrilled. I mean, it was quite the set-up just to get him to fool around with a maid for a whopping two days. Maybe this show is starting to fail and I'm just blind because I want it to be better than it is? Let's hope not... what do you think? Has the quality declined? Was it never there from the start?

The Exes "How Holly Got her Groove Back" (S02E08): Stuart is upset that the guys just pile dirty dishes in the sink, and Haskell and Phil figure that they can flatter Stuart into not being upset. [kinda disturbing, though it makes sense.] Stuart takes charge, hires a housekeeper, and states that everyone will be chipping in. [odd but still believable.] Phil is game but Haskell isn't thrilled - he works from home. [you know, playing virtual golf and having virtual drinks with an international client.] However, he changes his mind after they get into a fight and wind up making out. This means that the house didn't get picked up, prompting Stuart to fire her. [makes sense.] Haskell stands up for her, and she's allowed a second chance, complete with a detailed cleaning list from Stuart. Well, Haskell being in charge of making sure the cleaning gets done prompts Amelia to instigate some role-play, so she and Haskell go at it yet again. [so odd!] Well, Stuart had set up a nanny-cam in the apartment and shows the evidence to Phil, then they confront Haskell together, saying that they won't be paying for him to have a go-to girl. [eh. nothing too great, but at least it's a story for Haskell!]
Paul is back from Hawaii, bringing all 70 of the girls in the firm the same necklace, though Holly was hoping that it was a unique gift just for her. [Eden mouthing the inscription was kinda amusing.] He says that they have unfinished business, and Eden arranges it so they work late at Holly's place. Holly puts out wine on one table and work on another to see what he goes for, and although he picks the wine, he immediately bring it to the work station. [yeah, that seems like a problem from Frasier... I wonder how closely it was recycled, LoL.] When they take a break, Holly asks him how he feels about her... and they wind up spending the night together. [I'm not even young and naive anymore and I still am shocked when I see people having sex without even going on a date first.] The next morning, Paul tells Holly that he loves her, so she goes running to the guys for an interpretation. Phil suggests that the guy's got issues, so Holly proceeds to avoid Paul as long as possible. Well, he eventually comes to her office and apologizes for being so emotional, even taking back the fact that he said "I love you." [WOW. harsh!] Holly is upset but doesn't say anything until another woman hits on him right in front of her, so she admits to her feelings. Turns out, he did pick out that necklace for her but panicked so he bought a ton more. [... I don't know if I actually believe that. It sounds like a decent cover... and, odd ending with Holly telling all of the other girls looking into the elevator that they're "too late."]
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