Thursday, September 13, 2012

19 Kids & Counting: Random Episodes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I found the titles of this week's episodes to be a bit odd. The first, "All You Can Eat" refers to a brief segment of the collage episode. I mean, they threw in a quick talk about snacks in the Duggar household with a look at how Anna buys her kids clothes, how the family appreciates their grandmother, and a doctor's appointment for Josie. I guess they had no big storylines to show? The second episode is fairly similar - two different pairs of children go to the dentist, Michelle watches some of the younger ones by herself, and the older kids go to clean up yet another property that JimBob purchased. The redeeming qualities there include a house that could potentially be for Jana or Jinger and their spouse (I see Jill waiting a little longer to be married) and JohnDavid doing something that will net him a house and the chance to move out on his own... possibly taking Joseph (he'll be 18 in January) with him. I don't know... I think that the novelty of this super-sized family has worn off - Josh and Anna are fairly interesting, but until another one of the older children starts courting, I think the storylines will be pretty blah for a spell.

19 Kids and Counting "All You Can Eat" (S06E13): Michael is eight months old (Mack is almost 3) and is a laid-back baby, and Anna is hoping for more children (especially twins!) soon. [oh, Anna. calm down, child. There's no rush.] Mack got solids at nine months, but Michael started at 7-8 months because he's had acid reflux. [cute prayer for the baby food.] Cloth diapering has taken a backseat in their household. Anna takes the kids shopping for clothes at Once Upon a Child, and Mack already has some fashion preferences. Instead of $385 retail, Anna spent $119. [um... how many clothes did she "turn in" to start? And what, exactly, was her haul for that amount?]

The main refrigerator that you see on the show is the "snack food fridge," and the kids are supposed to get permission before grabbing food out of there. However, this doesn't work so well and isn't strictly enforced. [I don't understand how this became a gigantic problem...

Michelle and JimBob talk about everything that GrandmaDuggar does for the family, especially laundry - 70-80 loads per week! [if anyone's interested, the size chart included the following: Josiah 14, Joy 14, Jedidiah 12, Jeremiah 10, Jason 8, James 7, Justin 6, Jackson 5, Johannah 5T, Jennifer 3T.] Joseph and Jill take Grandma to a Widow's Banquet at a church. [no idea why it was just those two kids. LOVED Jill's dress! so much that I included a picture of it below, even though it's not the most flattering shot!]
Michelle and Josie go to the doctor's office for an RSV shot. James comes along because he's good at cheering up the younger kids. [uh huh...] Josie could see that the shot was coming and started to whimper before she's even undressed. [she's 23 pounds. and, I don't know if her vocabulary is up-to-par or not, but she's really cute when she talks.]

19 Kids and Counting "Puppies, Properties & Patients" (S06E14): The family is dog-sitting two puppies, which the younger kids try to feed eggs and cheese. [it's TOTALLY close to Christmas in this episode! The decorations are everywhere! why don't we get an explanation of WHY Michelle was home with nine kids (including Mack) under age 12?] We see that Josie has issues with her gag reflex where she can cry so hard she'll vomit.

JimBob has bought an uber-dilapidated rental property, so he and the 12 oldest kids clean up all of the broken glass and trash. [does Josh count in that number? if so, that's Jason on up. If not, maybe it's considered James on up. anyone see James or Josh there?] It's a large house (about half the size of the Duggar home) that will require new electrical wiring, plumbing, windows, carpets, doors, and even walls in places. [crazy!!]
Also, JohnDavid has been contracted to clean-up a property for a bank and hopes to get another piece of property with a house and whatnot on it. [that deal seemed a little sketchy to me. anyone have more information?]

Joy and Jill go with Michelle to take Josie and Jennifer to the dentist (a newer pediatric center with lots of toys) to help distract them. [this whole buddy thing gets out of control sometimes!] Josie fights the cleaning. Then Jackson and Johannah go. [yeah... seriously... did they just work out a deal to get the practice featured on the show??] 
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