Thursday, September 13, 2012

Go On: Ryan is NOT a Cat Person

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well... I didn't love it. I found the pilot to be quite promising, but the second episode...notsomuch. There were fewer sports references (not a problem for me but I know it's going to be a big complaint for some), but I found the balance between scenes with the other members of Ryan's therapy group and other people to be a bit... off. I thought that there were some great moments between Ryan and his assistant, Carrie, but, as a whole, things seemed to be a bit out-of-place somewhere, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Though, I must say, I loved that office! Now, maybe the show isn't meant for me, or maybe I'm not into that type of comedy as much as some (my husband loved this episode), but I'm a little worried for the future of this show. The numbers aren't in trouble yet, but we'll have to see where it goes from here. For now, however, we will be continuing to cover Go On. Please, if I'm missing some great thing about this show, tell me in the comments!

Go On "He Got Game, She Got Cats" (S01E02): [the therapy part first because I believe that's supposed to be the major focus of the series.] Ryan continues to take over the therapy group and give his advice to his peers, but the group leader tells him to stop stirring up controversy. [I wonder if he had control issues before his wife died...?] Sonia comes to Ryan's office when she gets lonely (it was Ryan's idea for her to dump her boyfriend), so his solution is to tell her to buy a new cat, even though the reason that she's in the group is because her cat died and she can't get past that. [oh goodness!] She gets a second, then a third, and before you know it, she's dropping off six cats with Ryan so that Lauren doesn't find out. [hahaha!] Well... it turns out that she dropped off a few with each member of the group (though only the ones that went to Ryan seem to have individual carriers), and they all dump them on Ryan. Ryan gives away all of them except one, which will be the group's cat. [I'm surprised that Ryan doesn't keep one for himself... after all, he's just as lonely!]    
(Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)
Ryan doesn't like to be home so he comes up with reasons to stay late at work and keep Carrie around so he's not lonely. [awww. poor guy.] But, he takes it too far, following Carrie to bars and even her hairstylist so that he has company. Her friends find him endearing but she finally confronts him and says that there need to be boundaries, even if he wants more than just an assistant. [I was surprised with how well she took it all, actually. and I did like how he made three demands to her one.]

Ryan and his boss, Steven, go to George's (the blind guy) to see a basketball signed by Wilt Chamberlain, but the case is empty. [that SUCKS!] From that moment on, George wants to bring anything of value with him everywhere he goes. [not sure if this is going to wear off quickly or not.] Ryan gets floor seats at a Lakers game for he and George, then gives his friend the play-by-play. [loved that Carrie actually texted him. he needed that.] Late in the second quarter, George tells Ryan to just listen to all of the sounds - and he can figure out what's going on by listening. [cool. and the blackout was similar to the muted scenes in Switched at Birth.] A basketball gets thrown into George's lap and he hands it over to Ryan and tells him to run with it. [... I can't imagine that worked. though it would be an interesting gimmick for every episode to end with Ryan running someplace, LoL!]
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