Saturday, September 1, 2012

Falling Skies: New Enemies for Next Season...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Why must we find out every character on television is pregnant by seeing them vomit? Seriously. It's too easy and obvious, especially when it's not even enveloped in other events... it's a spur-of-the-moment thing that someone witnesses and calls the woman on immediately afterward. I also didn't like how Tom found out, but that's besides the point of the episode... which is that yet another member of the Mason family has had serious contact with the enemy. Hal has joined his father in having a scorpion-type critter in his eye... only instead of having it fly away like Tom's did, Hal's crawled into his ear! What a cliffhanger to leave us on for nine or ten months, right??!? Geez...

Falling Skies "A More Perfect Union" (S02E10): An alarm goes off just before Tom and some of the members of the 2nd Mass are to be jailed - Rebel Skitters have arrived with Ben. The General won't lower weapons, however, until quite a few 2nd Mass folks stand in front of the Rebels. Ben acts as the speaker for the red-eyed Skitter, pointing out that the Fishhead they had captured a week ago was a big deal. [...what?? the past four episodes have taken place in the span of a week?? the journey to Charleston alone wasn't a couple of days?? geez!] They learn that the Rebels have located a weak spot and want to attack the real Skitters, with the help of the 2nd Mass. Weaver decides that his unit would be willing to go for it, but General ain't a fan. In fact, the General attacks the Rebels, killing some and scattering others. [meanie! though I can see his perspective... it's difficult to trust the Rebels!] After the attack, Ben tells Tom that he has everything memorized and they can still pull off the plan, and Weaver and Tom want to move forward with it. [yeah... something's gonna go wrong....] Weaver won't allow Jean to go, and Anne keeps her new pregnancy (known only by Lourdes) secret so she can go, too.

When they get in there, they're attacked by Skitters, and Karen appears, saying they will all die. The torture begins, with Karen going after Tom, then Hal, then Weaver, and finally going after Anne... but Tom offers to talk when it comes out that Anne is with child. [yep! knew this would come to light! what a terrible way to break the news!!] But at that moment, the Rebels arrive and fights break out, with Tom going after the Fishhead. The red-eyed Skitter is killed and Hal is wounded. [I was expecting more bloodshed, honestly. Especially because this means that Jamil's death was the one alluded to at Comic-Con. BORING!] Red-Eye tells Ben to keep the fight going, but Ben wants to stay around the 2nd Mass for a while, despite the fact that he told Hal that he feels more accepted by the Skitters than by the 2nd Mass. When the 2nd Mass returns to the compound, they're revered. Tom is asked to become the majority leader, but when Hal is better, the 2nd Mass plans to move on. [hmmm...] When Hal wakes up, one of the scorpions crawls out of his eye and into his ear, and then everyone is subjected to an ear-piercing sound as new robot-aliens drop from the sky. [because, you know, you have to leave TONS of cliffhangers! especially when a show won't be back for MONTHS! grrrr.]
photo by Cate Cameron
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