Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Switched at Birth: Bay Uses Angelo

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Do you remember, years ago, that the "scenes from the next" gave you just a tease of something that would take place? Maybe a first kiss, maybe a pivotal moment that we don't see resolved, maybe the return of an absent character... they were hope- and anxiety-inducing scenes that carried us over until the following week. Now, it seems that things have changed quite a bit. Sometimes we see scenes that aren't always from "the next" episode but further down the season. Those aren't that bad. Sometimes, however, major events are given away too early! Like, after this episode of Switched at Birth ends, we see that Bay will be getting arrested in the future, presumably for vandalism. The same thing happened a few weeks ago, causing Regina and Angelo's nuptials to be spoiled when that could have made for a jaw-dropping scene! This isn't the only show guilty of sharing such great scenes too early, but I find it particularly bothersome with this drama. Are you like me and sad that so many things are spoiled in advance? Or do you prefer to know as much as possible before an episode airs?

Switched at Birth "The Shock of Being Seen" (S01E25): While spray-painting the bus again, Bay hears other people and goes to introduce herself. [you know, because she lives on the wild side.] She says that she is "Bay Vasquez," then asks if she could get in on their work. [wouldn't that be awkward? The girl in the group, Zarra (formerly known as "Medusa"), says that now's not a good time, but gets her number and says she'll text Bay over the weekend with a time and place. [Bay was all too excited, if you ask me!] Trouble is, Bay gets grounded for being on academic probation, so she has to use Angelo (her French tutor) as a cover in order to slip away when she receives the text. [how does a person get so far behind when you're only three weeks into the school year??] At first, he doesn't want to do so, but she pulls the "you're my dad, too" card and he agrees to say that they're going to a French cafe for inspiration. [I wonder if she came up with that or he did?!?] When she gets to the rendezvous point, Zarra tells her that the boys think she's a "toy" and need proof before agreeing to "work with" her. [I was wondering if toy was like a n00b or a tool or something totally different, but Urban Dictionary tells me it's a novice graffiti artist. the more you know!] So, Bay must do a piece in a very public setting, as opposed to the set-back places that street artists normally decorate. The problem is, this requires her to be much later than planned, so Angelo worries and John winds up finding out. They stay up until Bay returns, and John asks Bay why she would take advantage of Angelo after everyone has turned their lives upside-down so he could be part of her life. [interesting approach, John. but why did she enter through the front door??] The next morning, John has to go down to the carwash to see about an incident, which turns out to be Bay's graffiti. She doesn't say anything but helps him paint over it. [man, what a waste! I'd hate to have to see my work covered in only a matter of hours!]

Daphne goes to put some cupcakes in a walk-in freezer at work but the shelf breaks and things crash to the floor. Jeff comes in after her and takes the blame, then she volunteers to stay and re-pipe the desserts. As the two of them work, Jeff encourages Daphne to pursue pastries, but when she admits to being a vegetarian, they wind up arguing about that instead. [does it matter that Jeff's degree in engineering is from MIT? because I'm not really seeing that come into play.] The next day, Daphne tries to impress him with cauliflower gratin, but he's too engulfed in the attractive produce lady. [is it standard that restaurants have produce delivered? because it happens on this show and I remember it was a thing on Gilmore Girls, because that's how Suki met Jackson.] So, Daphne borrows an outfit from Bay (in exchange for tutoring her in trigonometry), hoping to draw Jeff's attention. [will this become a thing? will Regina have to start putting her foot down? do we care about this plot point?]
Kathryn has a television interview about her book, and Regina agrees to take part. However, when the reporter antagonizes Kathryn and focuses on Regina, Kathryn feels like she's not interesting and that she'll never be more than "John Kennish's wife." [poor Kathryn.] So, Regina invites her to join in a dinner with Melody at Daphne's restaurant. Melody (who has been in a dating rut) falls for Chef upon seeing him and starts trying to flirt, though Regina doesn't properly interpret. [did that not scream AWKWARD to anyone working on the show??] After dinner, Regina takes Kathryn to a maternity ward to see how all of the babies look alike, so it isn't their fault they didn't know they had the wrong newborns, and Kathryn realizes that there's a nurse who is also in pictures with Angelo. The next morning, she calls the lawyer about it. [not sure if this will be interesting or just another loose end that they want to trim. Either way, I'm kinda surprised that an inebriated Kathryn put two and two together like that!]

Daphne volunteers to stay late and help Jeff, and he winds up offering her a salad station position the next week. She reads more into the situation than is there, however, and makes a little bit of a fool of herself. [why would he allow her to drink underage in the workplace???] She asks Emmett to come meet her, and she asks if she's a dork. [hahaha!] They then talk about how their timing is bad with one another. [I started to wonder if they'd kiss, but apparently not this time...] The next morning, when Emmett goes to Melody's after being with his dad, he sees Jeff come out of the house. [yikes! this is going to get messy! how old do you think he is supposed to be? 30? Certainly not younger than 25, but I wouldn't place him beyond 32, either.]
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