Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ben and Kate: Zombie Apocalypse

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What is that white dress that Kate was wearing?? Hideous! And, what, exactly, was the purpose of this episode? I liked where they were going with Ben not knowing what to do in an emergency, but much like how Charlie had to step it up when Jake got hurt on Two and a Half Men, I figured Ben would have to act responsibly after a mistake. Instead, there's a stupid sidestory about yet another one of Ben's old girlfriends. Now, this episode does appear to be third in production order, so it should come before both Kate's "21st Birthday" and the family scavenger hunt. But I don't think that helps very much, either. I still like the show but not as much as many people, apparently. What about you - what do you think of it at this point?

Ben and Kate "Emergency Kit" (S01E05): BJ flirts with Buddy, who owns the restaurant. He's freshly divorced, so she wants to make a move. She also continues to be a cheapskate, pretending there are screws or glass shards in the food so she gets free meals. [holy cow!] Kate convinced BJ to wait to sleep with him, which only turns him on more.

Ben accidentally hurts Maddie with his new knife, and Kate panics, especially after it's clear that Ben has been abusing the supplies in Kate's emergency kit. [things like this make me paranoid that I'd be a mother like Kate.] Kate decides to test Ben by sending Tommy over and having him pretend he has ingested a peanut - to which he has a life-threatening allergy. Tommy doesn't think he's faking well enough so he admits it's a show. [hahaha!] While this is going on, Ben's ex-girlfriend, Louise, shows up at the house. He can't get rid of her, and when he tries, she just stabs the bouncy house the family is using. In fact, Louise doesn't leave at all, and Ben finds her in the garage while staging a Zombie Apocalypse to prove to Kate that there's no point in preparing for everything. [I hope we're done with her, though... she is crazy!]
Cr: Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Maddie thinks that this is real, however, even though Ben had told her he was messing with her mom. [oh, kids!] Ben had told her to get to high ground in case of zombies, so she went up to the crawl space and the family has to talk her down because Ben and Tommy broke the ladder. [I'm surprised that Tommy would let these issues go unnoticed... one would think he'd tell Kate, as he adores her.]
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