Monday, October 15, 2012

Breaking Amish: Doing Your Own Thing...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer
Abe prepares to propose, Kate does a photo shoot, Sabrina's ready to meet her father, Jeremiah is now a cabbie, and Rebecca doesn't do much. There's still drinking, there's still suspicion within the group, and there's still evidence that these kids aren't as naive as we're supposed to believe. Go figure. 

Breaking Amish "Good vs. Evil" (S01E06):
Group Activities? Well, everyone tried to go out to dinner together, but they weren't all super-excited to spend time with Kate, who doesn't really seem to eat anyway. (in fact, everyone calls her out on it, but she says that her small salads and 3-4 hours of working out per day are just so she isn't bloated when she models.) Sabrina sticks with Kate and they drink and ride a mechanical bull. Except... Sabrina and Kate have a falling out shortly thereafter. Jeremiah tells Sabrina that he suspects Kate spiked her drink (it seems kinda unlikely, but it does seem like Sabrina is a heavy drinker), so between that, Kate's allegations that Sabrina and Jeremiah are into witchcraft, and the fact that Sabrina woke up to Kate hovering over her at 2am talking about monsters (which Kate denies), Sabrina has had enough. She moves Kate's stuff into the guys' room and the guys move in with Rebecca and Sabrina.

You'd think this would make Abe really tense, as he's about to propose to Rebecca. Yep, he's purchased a $550 ring (thanks to Jeremiah loaning him $250), though he is a bit nervous that Rebecca might say "no." I found it particularly amusing that he both looked at a $45,000 ring and tries to haggle a $600 ring down to $450 (and just where is he going to earn the money to repay his friend? Is that stuntman thing working out?). What's more amusing, however, is that Jeremiah talks of his own PREVIOUS MARRIAGE in trying to make sure Abe thinks this through. Oh, and about Jeremiah... he's had his own taste of the "working world" when he drives a cab all day, only to make about $50. He blames it on tips being poor. I blame it on him not knowing his way around Manhattan. Kate also puts blame on Jeremiah - she believes that he called Sabrina a "slut" (because she's texting with three different guys) because he wants her to himself. But, that's besides the point.
Sabrina's got enough going on. The detective tells her that her mother died in 2005 (with photos of her daughter by her bedside), but he gives her contact information for her father and grandmother. She's interested to find out if her parents were really "druggies who left her in a trashcan," as that's the story she heard all her life. I'm not sure that she's ready to meet her dad, however, as she gets a little squeamish around anything uncomfortable, like the Museum of Sex. When the group went there, Sabrina focused on the fact that her family would disown her for even entering, though Abe embraces the experience and buys his first condoms (glow-in-the-dark ones at that!), and Rebecca wonders about Kate's sexuality after she feels a mannequin's chest. I think that Kate is just embracing womanhood in a new way - like how she got her hair cut and colored and how she was able to put aside her reservations and do a swimsuit modeling shoot.
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