Friday, October 5, 2012

The New Normal: Politics, Fast Food, and Sex

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I thought that the "Obama Mama" episode could have run later in the season, given that the election is still a month away. No biggie, though. I could have done without the entire Jane-0rgasms-for-the-first-time storyline, however! I'm not really sure why they included it... I mean, it wasn't completely standalone, as Jane did talk about her issues with David's visiting mother and all... but no. Actually, I think removing Jane would cause me to enjoy this show a whole lot more. It's not going to happen (she's a regular, and the series has been picked up for a full first season), but we might be able to go light on her for a few episodes here and there, and that might be enough for me. I'm very interested in seeing where this custody storyline is going to go, though!

The New Normal "Obama Mama" (S01E04): Goldie having fast food for breakfast freaks out the guys, who want her to stick to organic foods. [haha, at the bulimia joke! and GROSS about the ketchup! and the donkey fetus!] Goldie has bigger worries, however, as Clay is suing her for custody. [how much of Ohio do you think we're going to see?] 

David confronts Jane about being racist and she calls him and Bryan hypocrites, so they say that they're having a party on Friday and she can meet their black friends then. [haha: "he's Indian." "of a hue."] So, David asks Rocky to come to the party and bring some friends. [interesting remark by Goldie that it's important to have ideals, even if you don't live up to them.] Rocky does, but her friends are all white. Then, when her brother arrives, he turns out to be an issues voter and a "black Frasier," which throws off Jane. Luckily, there's a waiter at the party who wants to act, so Bryan has him audition by playing the role of a kid from the streets. [did we know that Bryan was a casting agent of sorts before this episode?] But, when the party runs long, he comes clean early and blows his cover. [haha. and LoL on proof of citizenship. and was that a The Help joke stemming from Rocky's chocolate cake??] Before the party ends, however, Bryan and David announce their upcoming parenthood, which throws a wrench in Goldie's flirting efforts towards Rocky's brother, embarrassing her to the point where she runs out. The "family" later finds her at a burger joint, thanks to Shania. [haha, Bryan had Shania order him fast food and hide it from David! reminded me of Dan on Roseanne and Eric on 7th Heaven.]
(Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)
Shania is thinking of voting to Obama in the school's election, but Goldie is leaning toward Romney, worrying David and Bryan. Jane is concerned that it's even something to think about - apparently the family has a rich history of Republicanism. [ha: "I thought gay wasn't a choice."] The episode ends with the trio of adults making friends with an interracial couple at Shania's school, who happen to be looking for gay friends. ["been through this before" - the pregnancy or the surrogacy? If it's the pregnancy, then why bring it up? Goldie has clearly been through it before, too.]

And, fun fact: Goldie's mom wanted an abortion but Jane made her take responsibility for her actions.

The New Normal "Nanagasm" (S01E05): Goldie and Bryan bond over not getting along with their mothers-in-law, a hot topic because the couple will announce their impending parenthood to David's mother shortly. When they do share the news, Bryan feels left out almost immediately, as Francis is thrilled that David will be the biological father. [man, this woman IS cold!] Later, the duo try to work out their differences, but Francis tells Bryan that he needs to work things out with his own mother, whom he hasn't spoken to since his father died. We see him give her a call, tears in his eyes.

A guy buys Jane a drink, they sleep together, and the next day she goes to see David at his office... apparently she experienced her first 0rgasm and didn't know what it was, thinking it was a seizure. [haha! I was not a fan of the different women talking about their sex lives to the camera.] Francis tells Jane to embrace life, and the great-grandmother decides to step it up, but she doesn't want one-night-stands.  

Shania tries surfing, having a quincenera, and eating authentic Californian cuisine, which finishes her "California Dreams Bucket List," in case she winds up not leaving Ohio when they return for the custody hearing. [who throws up on a dog??]
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