Thursday, October 11, 2012

The New Normal: A Wedding & An Engagement

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Misnomer, much? I think that the show jumped the gun on using the title, "Bryanzilla." Bryan wasn't overbearing when it came to planning Shania's wedding, and now that he and David are engaged, you might assume that he'll be much more intense with his own event... oh well! The episode on the whole was cute, Shania's dress was adorable, and David's proposal was sweet. But, of course, Jane had to do horrible things to make me hate certain scenes... like when she was talking to the girls in Shania's class with the sole purpose of trying to get them to oppose the wedding (and all weddings that aren't between an adult man and an adult woman for that matter). I understand why the character is there, but she's difficult to get past sometimes!

The New Normal "Bryanzilla" (S01E06): Shania, Goldie, Bryan, and David go to an Italian restaurant so the young girl can announce her pretend-engagement to Wilbur. [the Toys 'R' Us registration was funny.] Bryan acts as Shania's wedding planner, working on the menu, the invitations, and even a honeymoon to Disney. But, Jane freaks out upon hearing about the event, saying that weddings for kids are just as wrong as weddings for pets or gay people. [why invite Willow Smith? why is she all over everything lately?] Jane talks to three girls whose parents have Romney stickers on their cars. [because that's all she needs to single-out those likely to agree with her, apparently.] They are all anti-gay, so Jane wants them to help break-up Shania's wedding, because they shouldn't help negative things happen.

So, the wedding starts off swell, with David calming Wilbur, Bryan giving away Shania in a lovely dress (see below!) that Goldie made, and Rocky's brother officiating.  [a reading before the bride enters the room?] But, Jane's plan comes into action during the "does anyone object?" part, causing Shania to run out. [her glasses are non-prescription??] Jane claims that Shania only has negative examples to follow - Jane and Goldie's failed marriages, and Bryan & David writing their own rules.
Cr: Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Not the best storyline ever, I know. But here are some other things that this episode included... Flashback to Goldie getting engaged to Clay at a bowling alley while pregnant. Shania wants to be a volcanologist. David doesn't want to get married until everyone can do so, but he brings Bryan to his office, where Goldie sits with the ultrasound going so their unborn child can be present, and proposes.
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