Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Bang: Sheldon Drinks & Howard Moves

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I think I'm sick of Howard. He was never my favorite character on the show (I think that his constant sexual obsession is ridiculous), but the space thing didn't bother me like it did others. The refusal to leave his overbearing and uber-needy mother, however, is where I draw the line. Don't get me wrong... I love to hear her far-off cries as much as the next person... but it's getting old. I'm not sure how old Howard is supposed to be, but I think "30" has come and gone. Plus, he HAS lived without her before... did she follow him during his stay at MIT?? Also, on an unrelated note, I'd like to see what Sheldon has to say after he finds out that Penny got him drunk!

The Big Bang Theory "The Habitation Configuration" (S06E07): [I was excited to see "Fun with Flags" again!] Sheldon has Wil Wheaton over for a special segment on Star Trek flags, but Amy over-directs Wil, despite his thirty-year background in acting. He talks back, she's insulted, and Sheldon doesn't defend her so she leaves. She and Sheldon were supposed to have dinner that night, but when she angrily suggests that he would have a better time with Wil, he decides to dine with him instead. [I don't blame Sheldon for the first part, but you'd think that he'd keep his original plans with Amy.] Leonard tells Sheldon that Amy is mad at him, but he doesn't believe it. He actually decides to give her Star Trek DVDs for her to become familiar with Wil Wheaton's work, and she just slams the door in his face. [can't blame her now!] So, Sheldon goes to Penny for advice, and she talks him into having a couple of Long Island Iced Teas while she explains that men need to stand up for women. He then decides to go to Wil's to defend Amy's honor, but when Sheldon puts up his fists, Wil apologizes.
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
Sheldon later invites LeVar Burton to help with the flags and Amy picks on him, too.

Elsewhere, Bernadette wants Howard to finally move out of his mother's, and after a ton of excuses (including not being able to drive on the Sabbath!), Raj and Leonard help him pack and load a U-Haul. [if he doesn't have that many things, why not just put it in their vehicles?] But, Howard winds up guilting Bernadette into not leaving his mother alone and they decide to spend some nights over there anyway. 
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