Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cake Boss: A Betty White Cake & an Update on Mama

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Surprise! I was well aware that Cake Boss: Next Great Baker was starting up again, but I didn't realize that Cake Boss was also returning to the air. It's been a few months (the most recent episode aired in July), and I was expecting some bright summer-themed cakes to bring us back. Imagine my surprise when we were able to watch the guys come up with a life-sized Betty White cake in just one day! What I found most interesting, however, was that Buddy talked of how they would prefer about four days to work on such a cake... after he gave the contestants of Next Great Baker only ten hours to create replicas of his sisters last season. Regardless, I'm glad that the series has returned and I look forward to seeing what great masterpieces will be unveiled this time around.

Cake Boss "A Golden Opportunity" (S05E17): Buddy goes to the Friar's Club where he's tasked with making a Betty White cake for her roast after-party. He wants to do a life-size replica, but the event is the next day, shocking him. When he gets back to the bakery, everyone laughs at the idea of trying to do this in a single day, but Buddy works on the body, Ralph does the head, and the end result amazes Betty. [and me! I'm with her, the dress is just lovely!]
Buddy's mother comes to the bakery to see how the renovations are going, and the whole family sits in Buddy's office as he takes a conference call with several doctors to figure out what they should do for Mama's condition. Nothing solid came about, but they've decided to make her more creamy, fattening foods. Buddy makes a meal of veal cultets with rice alfredo with his wife's help, and everyone enjoys it. [I'm not a big veal person, but between this show and Kitchen Boss, I keep thinking that maybe I should try it again!]
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