Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Go On: Ryan is Ready to Date Again

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is not the first time we've seen a "patient" fall for their "doctor," but it's a pretty weak attempt by Ryan to snag Lauren. Though we all know that Wyatt and Lauren are a terrible couple, I can't see Ryan and Lauren being great together, either. Besides, it was kinda expected that he'd eventually make a move on her, and about half-way into the first season is a typical sitcom fit. Moving on... problematically, although this series premiered during the big Summer Sports Extravaganza, it's been quite a while now and the appearance of volleyball superstar Misty May Treanor was probably lost to many viewers. Good try, though! The even larger issue with this episode is that it's already calling back on multiple events that have taken place previously... so is it supposed to be more of a drama? I don't think a first-time viewer would have been too lost, but it certainly didn't seem like an episode that someone could just randomly watch in syndication a few years down the road... right?

Go On "Back, Back, Back... It's Gone!" (S01E10): Ryan decides that he's ready to date again and has Carrie help him get together an online profile together while he tries to meet more women. Misty May Treanor invites Ryan to play volleyball, but instead of charming girls he winds up hurting his back. BUT, the widower card does get him six emails!
Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC
The next day, Ryan decides to go for a kiss with Lauren, but she makes it clear that they are not meant to be. Ryan is paranoid that Wyatt saw him, but after he admits to his sin Wyatt just blames it on Florence Nightingale Syndrome. [we now have the Chubbies and the Saddies. I prefer "Bummer People."] Ryan starts timing when he goes outside to read the paper so he can watch a young girl jog by, and he decides to go after her, though we don't see what happens. [haha, I would totally do that!]

Now, on to the rest of the group. First, Fausta lost the group cat. Sonia and Danny are the only ones who take it seriously, and Sonia goes around "speaking cat" at trees while Fausta finds the feline in her oven. Danny decides to play the hero and discover the "missing" pet. [so a possible inter-group romance? ooookay. the bigger question, however, is HOW DID THE CAT GET IN THE OVEN??] The other group event going on is a party for George, celebrating that he has lived longer than the doctors predicted. Yolanda throws the party but George was hoping for something more "intense," and leaves to seek it out on his own. [haha about everyone talks about how he accidentally dials all of them often.]
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