Friday, November 30, 2012

Wedding Farm: Erica & Kristen

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm still a bit confused as to what made Matt decide to use the extra land for a wedding venture. But, I'm glad that the brides have seemed happy with their events. I know that those weddings were not the type of soiree I would have wanted (my wedding was more of a semi-formal affair), and I certainly would have thumbed-down portable toilets for the guests. Still, there's a reasonable amount of "conflict" in the episodes, with something going wrong amongst the staff or with the venue. I did like Amy telling Matt that he should text her if "all hell is breaking loose." I find it a bid odd and off-putting that the couple is talking so much about their children's future weddings. I mean, I understand that they desire for the kids to marry on their estate, but Zach is the only one even close to such a milestone, and I'd hate for him to be pushed into it before he's ready. Am I reading too much into it?

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm "A Matrimonial Mess" (S01E02): They're over-budget and behind schedule on making the farm wedding-worthy when the first bride signs on for the venue. Erica's original choice became unavailable five weeks before the date, but her "rustic" theme will fit well on Roloff Farms. [I have a lot of respect for people who have complete DY weddings. the best thing I ever did for my obsessive-compulsive self was hire a wedding planner and only have to make final decisions rather than combing through oodles of information and weed out individual services myself.] Amy offers Jeremy's videographer services, so he brings along a friend to help with that. Matt thought that Zach would help host, but he'd rather do something behind-the-scenes. Jacob will be directing parking for the wedding.

Amy is increasingly paranoid that they won't finish in time as Matt keeps adding personal touches. They get lucky and the grass comes in the morning of the big day, but there are other concerns, like hornets and wind gusts. [the "country chic doors" were a little odd, I thought. hay bales for seating during the reception??] Plus, the couple receives a branding iron made with their initials as a gift from the Roloffs. [interesting, but really more of an ornamental gift than a practical one.]

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm "Molly Moves Out" (S01E03): The grounds were a little more torn-up after the first wedding than they expected, so Matt creates a loading dock so trucks don't drive all over the lawn again. If you thought that five weeks was a short time to prepare for a wedding, meet Kristen, who has a country-western wedding for 160 people on just two weeks of notice. See, the groom is in the military and barely has time to get married, so Matt wants to make everything extra-special by using the stagecoach to transport the couple to the Western Town to take photos.
In preparation for the big day, one of Matt's handymen (Sven) points out that Matt is not an ideal manager, but it soon blows over. A big concern is whether the stagecoach will actually be able to be pulled by horses, as it had never been tried in the past. That works out okay, allowing everyone to focus on the bigger problem: the bride-and-groom cake tumbled upon arrival and Zach and Tori rush out to pick up a replacement. [Kristen had some long nails!] But, the 16" is too large, so the couple race to get another one just in time. [I don't understand why so much time elapsed between the incident and when the first cake was picked up...] 

This episode also offered some extra drama, as Molly left for college (I believe she's attending Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington) the same day as the wedding. First, we saw her, Zach, and some friends go to the beach and try a skimboard. Then, Amy takes her golfing. Everyone keeps questioning what she is choosing not to bring with her, but she's got bigger worries, like whether or not to double-major in Accounting and Spanish. 
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