Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cake Boss: Tanks, Baseball Diamonds, Busts, Magic

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What was with Mary trying to help fill a cake? Anthony definitely looked at her like that is not the norm. And, sadly, that was probably the most interesting thing about that episode. The other was slightly more intriguing, especially with the gross magic trick and the sketch matching the cake pretty well. I also appreciated the focus on the family in both episodes - sometimes we go a while between seeing WifeLisa and the children, so it was nice for two of the cakes to be going to them. And, little Marco is just darling! I will note, however, that there seems to be a little bit of controversy on Marissa being credited as an "intern" at the bakery. Her tweets suggest that she's a full-time employee, and has been since Day One. Oh well, a small nitpick. Let's get going...

Cake Boss "Operation: Tank Cake" (S05E20): The army is turning 237 years old and Buddy is making two cakes for them - one is a tank for the event in NYC complete with a confetti canon, and one is a flat, camouflage cake that must make the 3-4 day trip to Afghanistan. [that is a LONG time to go without refrigeration! I wish they had shared what filling was used!]

Buddy's two oldest children are into sports now, with Buddy playing baseball and Sofia playing softball. Sofia's season is ending so Buddy designs a cake for the team. They struggle to figure out the best way to do it, and in the end Buddy isn't happy with it. [I didn't think it was bad, but I would have liked to see a rendering of what he was trying to accomplish.] Ralph thinks fireworks could save it, so Buddy goes with that and the kids are happy.

Cake Boss "Hocus Pocus" (S05E21): A magician from Times Square has his 500th performance coming up and wants to have an envelope containing what he believes the cake will look like placed inside the cake before it's baked. [that's different. he's got my attention! that was a really strange trick he did with the dental floss, tho!] Buddy wants to do a cake with doves from the shows and a nest based on Dan's hairstyle, and asks Marissa to help him with the project. She's pretty intimidated that other people aren't on it, too, but she's even more caught of-guard on the delivery when she's asked to assist in a trick. [interesting way to make ruffles. why was the lighting so red in that theater?] The drawing inside the cake base reveals doves on the top, razor blades on a three-tiered cake, and the guy's face on it, all of which were true. [neat. and freaky.]
Marco has graduated from preschool and WifeLisa throws him a party, complete with a cake from Buddy. Marco really likes Ralph, so Ralph does a sculpture of Marco for the cake, which is chocolate with chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache, and chocolate chips. [that's a LOT of chocolate! more interesting, I thought, was that Ralph is Marco's favorite... I wonder why...]
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