Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Neighbors: A Celebration of Life

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Where was Reggie during this episode? I thought it was an odd episode to focus on Max, but, then again, it was an odd episode in general. I was hoping that the aliens-don't-eat-food storyling was going somewhere, but that ended up not happening. Also, did nobody put together that Juan died after seeing Jackie transform?? Larry deciding to resurrect the gardener was even stranger, so goodness knows what's going to happen if Juan ever returns from New Brunswick! I also thought that Marty questioning his own mortality was a bit rough in there, and Larry wondering what would happen to his children was very odd - Zabvronians don't have death at all? Are they invincible? I don't get it. what did you make of this episode?

The Neighbors "Juan of the Dead" (S01E10): Marty tries to get Larry to eat a bacon cheeseburger, but the Zabvronian isn't sure what would happen if he actually ate food. [hahaha.] After finally taking a bite, Larry declares that he doesn't like it. [I was half-expecting Larry to try improving upon the burger.] Debbie and Jackie go for a run, but the latter doesn't get tired or sore, upsetting the former.

When Juan, the neighborhood gardener, sees Jackie in Zabvronian form, he passes out and falls off a ladder, rendering him dead. [the Zabvronians have had a human gardener all this time?] The Bird-Kersees are not familiar with death, and Debbie also worries about how Max will take it, as he was friends with Juan. [hahahahaha at Debbie pretending to be Juan for Max!] The Zabvronians feel that the end of the world is upon them, so Marty explains that death is never painless and you can't see it coming. [ha!] They explain that humans are in denial that they're going to die - they just occupy themselves with other things, like cheeseburgers. Of course, Max questions death and his parents give him different answers. [murder-suicide! ha!] Then, the Weavers try to explain funerals to the neighborhood, who dress in Hawaiian garb for the "celebration of life."
Jackie speaks, explaining that she thought he was half-man, half-machine at first. [hahahahaha!] Larry is determined to solve the problem of death, but ends up just resurrecting Juan, though he can't speak and doesn't know who anyone is. ["I've been working on the railroad" ?? love the Zabvronians sometimes!] But, in doing so, Larry used a vial from his father and can never do it again. [kinda odd, no?] Marty offers to take care of Larry's children if the worst should happen, but says that his sister will care for the Weaver kids if need be. [another funny line.] In the end, they decide to send Juan on a bus to New Brunswick, where he has family.
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