Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cake Boss: Wedding, Feet, Venue, and Pet Cakes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm not the biggest "wedding" person. I don't flip through masses of magazines and pour over Pinterest for wedding photos. Of course I subscribed to the basics while I was engaged, but after my wedding I quickly lost interest in that kind of stuff, donated my four-foot-stack of magazines (I was engaged for two years so I probably had amassed 60-80 periodicals), and moved on. So, I don't pay uber-close attention to cakes and dresses and rings like some women do. HOWEVER, when I see something gorgeous, I can't help but ogle. That was the case with the cake Buddy made for Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza... it was just gorgeous! Though she didn't want flowers, he handcrafted those white roses to be beautiful. The "bling" was tasteful, the monogram was perfect, and the fondant ribbons weren't over-the-top. I had lovely scrollwork on my own cake, so I surely appreciated the piping detail that went into the enormous masterpiece the celebrity couple received. I would have liked to hear more about which cake details were done to mirror her gown, but TLC was probably saving that for their special on the couple's wedding, which I'm probably not tuning in to see. The other cakes made in this week's episodes were also very detailed, but I just can't get over how lovely that wedding cake was! What did you think?

Cake Boss "Ugly Feet and a Fiesta" (S05E18): Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza discuss their wishes for their wedding cake, which will need to make a 47-hour trip to Mexico. [I don't understand why they were dead-set on Buddy. Or why he didn't find a way to make the cake closer to the location... surely he must be able to have kitchen privileges somewhere in Texas!] Danny is charged with making the drive, and the cake will also have to go through customs. [another facet that would have been interesting to see featured.] CousinAnthony learns to do drop-lines, though Danny sets off some firecrackers under his chair as he's concentrating. [ha!] 
from Buddy's Sketchbook on tlc.howstuffworks.com
A nail spa owner wants to spread the word to attract more male customers, so she has an Ugly Foot Contest and has Carlo's do a cake that illustrates an ugly foot and an attractive foot. Ralph goes to town making the feet, and several of the bakers actually enter the contest to see who has the ugliest feet - Juan wins! [aren't the "before" images usually to the left and the "after" to the right?] We also learn that WifeLisa gives Buddy a monthly pedicure, though he does get one at the spa as well, complete with a waxing! [I don't think I ever knew that people waxed the tops of their feet!] 

Cake Boss "From Fury to Furry" (S05E19): A couple comes in to order a four-year-anniversary cake for their venue hall, but each has a very different idea on what they're looking for: he wants an over-the-top cake with fireworks but she wants a replication of the ballroom. In the end, they leave it up to Buddy, who decides to feature the building on a turntable, depicting the entire estate to please both customers. Problematically, there's not much clearance so the turntable rubs, but they get it working in the end. [neat design but wasn't the most fascinating.]

The founder of petfinder.com comes in to order a cake to celebrate twenty million pet adoptions. [wow. that's a LOT!] Buddy wants to do a cake that tells the story of the organization, and they'll also do a cake that the pets in the shelter can eat, too. [awww.] The founder requests specific eggs to be used. [hmmm. interesting.] They make the pet cakes out of regular ingredients instead of dog food, but Buddy still does one with dog food to prank Jay, who messed with Buddy's son a while back. The cake has horses, donkeys, and everything! [I guess the organization's story fell by the wayside?]
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