Friday, January 18, 2013

Hot in Cleveland: Wilbur Speaks

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Sometimes this show has the best episodes of almost anything on television, and sometimes it manages to have 22 minutes where I'm not sure where they're going at all. Elka and Mamie attempting to teach Wilbur some "cute" words made for an interesting scene, and Melanie trying figure out what to do after over-exerting herself with Alec was laughable. But, overall, this episode kinda got on my nerves... Joy and Victoria competing for attention was annoying, and their men being at-odds with one another only made things worse. What parts of the storylines did you like?

Hot in Cleveland "Extras" (S04E08): Joy gets to be an extra in Victoria's film, and soon starts dating the extra with whom she's staged. But, Emmett and Victoria don't want them to be together. To retaliate, the pair decide to start stealing focus and wind up banished from being seen. [short-lived. but I was really enthralled with the many ways Victoria has used Joy!]
With Joy busy, Elka and Mamie are in charge of watching Wilbur. [An embarrassed Joy has been knocking off several months from the infant's age because he hasn't spoken yet. though tacky, I find it pretty funny because the girls do this constantly anyway.] The older ladies promptly hear Wilbur utter "TV" as his first word. [haha at Georgia Engel trying to "butch up" her voice.] It gets worse, though, as despite the ladies reading him children's books, he only picks up "crap" and "b!tch." Fortunately, when Joy gets home, he says "Nana" for her before going overboard saying "TV" again, followed by "crap" and "b!tch," effectively taking Elka and Mamie out of the babysitting rotation. [haha!] 

Melanie is excited about preparing for her "first time" with Alec... so excited, in fact, that she panics and acts like it's p0rn. This causes her to fret about living up to that expectation every time, so she fakes it again before accidentally admitting to it. [I thought she was paranoid when he brought up her enthusiasm about his presentation at work.] So, they have sex at the office, causing her to worry that she toned it down too much. [this is why you only have sex with your husband. no worries about disappointing people all the time.] They go for another round which works out well, albeit they miiiight have gotten hott because of a conversation about toe fungus. [yeah... that was pretty gross.] 
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