Friday, January 18, 2013

1600 Penn: Emily's Dancing Stops a Senator from Voting

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This show is young. It's full of hope. Allegedly some critics say that it gets funnier. I thought that this episode was terrible. Not only was the storyline itself ill-contrived, doing nothing but making the characters look like horrible human beings, but the way it was put together and how it flowed was also weak. The absence of the two younger children is bound to be a lagging factor for this series (Xander is a gem!) but without the Press Secretary, I'm not sure what's funny. Skip is a drip, Becca's interesting but not funny, and Dale is dry and annoying for the most part. I like Emily's outfits, which is what they're going for, but not a huge fan of her personality or the way she manages her life at this point. Maybe if we could get some more background on the family I'd be happier? Either way, still sticking with this show for now.

1600 Penn "So You Don't Want to Dance" (S01E03): Skip is crushing on Stacy, a girl who works in the White House mail department. Emily suggests that he ask her to a White House ball, and though she accepts, she only wants to go as friends. [I love that he stops and asks some random guy in the White House to tie his bow tie.] When they're at the event, however, an old man makes a racist comment about Stacy, and Skip repeatedly tries to make a big deal out of it. [the kid continues to mean well, though he just has no tact.] The worst part, however, was that he asks her to be his girlfriend over the microphone. [this is like those uber-public proposals... you just don't do it if you're not sure of the answer!] 

Emily is questioned about her fashion and her classical dance training when she's trying to make strides in education. [that's garbage!] As Dale and Emily continue to try to win votes on an education bill, one Senator is holding out. So, they decide to just keep him from voting at all, and Emily dances with Skip at the ball to keep the crowd so busy watching that the guy can't get out of the room in his wheelchair. [yes, I'm serious.]
(Photo by: Byron Cohen/NBC
And FirstGrandkid Watch? Becca's morning sickness is subsiding but the cravings are kicking in. [so is her first trimester complete?] At the ball, Becca is harassed for being "damaged goods." [eep!]
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