Friday, January 11, 2013

1600 Penn: The World Learns of Becca's Situation

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm loving the Press Secretary. I think he's my favorite character. Fortunately, this episode was far better than the pilot, though I have not yet given this comedy a place in my list of awesome shows or anything. When Skip's name was in the title, I was a little worried that we would once again be subjected to his ridiculous antics, though this episode focused much more on Rebecca's pregnancy and how everyone else (including the world) finds out. Granted, I did not care for Skip's words on the situation to the press, but I agree with the President that his heart was in the right place. The Emily-Marigold-Xander scenes were the best, and I was pleased to see how the younger siblings interact a little more. Let's hope for more plotlines that include them, rather than throwing them into small supporting parts for their older siblings.

1600 Penn "The Skiplantic Ocean" (S01E02): The media has learned that Becca is pregnant because she and Emily accidentally left their mics on when they spoke of it. [haha, reminds me of a time I was caught gossiping with a friend because my walkie-talkie was on!] Because the President doesn't know yet, Becca has to break the news just after his swim so he doesn't hear it elsewhere. [interesting. I was wondering how she'd tell him the news. also, I liked Becca's green-black-white dress and Emily's maroon dress.] Emily then heads to the elementary school to get the younger children so Becca can be the one to tell them. Because Becca really wants to be the one to tell them, Emily must keep lying as Xander and Marigold try to figure out why they left school early. Once they're home, Emily can't reach Becca because Skip threw her phone in the pool to calm her down. [First Family or not, that's still $100 and incredibly annoying! also, the White House really does have a pool.] When Emily gets to the "Skiplantic Ocean," Becca wants some time to herself, so Emily lets Marigold think that she's pregnant while Xander thinks that there's a meteor headed to Earth. [hahahahaha!]

Meanwhile, the President learns that just about everyone is afraid to give him bad news, and Becca tells Skip that she had just ended a relationship and wound up having a fling with a guy who claimed to be in the Navy. [bet we'll meet him soon!] Skip tells the press the story to shut them up, and then Becca tells the younger kids the truth, just as the media gets heated and calls Becca a slut. [sad face.]
Photo by: Byron Cohen/NBC
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