Friday, January 11, 2013

Elementary: The Beginning of Moriarty Started with Irene

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, this Sherlock Holmes rendition managed to go eleven installments before mentioning Moriarty. I had hoped that they'd wait longer, though it's not the end of the world. What really bothers me, however, is how Watson has decided to lie to Holmes about staying on longer as his addiction recovery specialist. Of course, if I'm going to nitpick, I should also point out how odd it was to have a scene between Watson and her own therapist... it didn't seem like an introductory session to me, so why leave it out for half of the first season? Back on M., I was surprised at just how well he was able to pull off a story to keep Holmes out of trouble. The show continues to fight for my attention against anything else that goes on late Thursday nights, so share with me what you enjoy most about Elementary and what you want to see happen in the future.

Elementary "M." (S01E12): There's a pool of blood on the living room floor of an apartment, and Holmes quickly realizes that he has tracked this killer before, in London. He uses a tripod to hang victims (over thirty of them!) upside-down and slits their throats, draining all of the blood from the bodies before disposing of them in oceans or rivers.
Tom Concordia / CBS
Holmes says that he doesn't want Watson's help on this project because he needs to work without a crutch. We later learn that Irene was allegedly a victim of the same killer, so that's why he wanted to keep Watson at a distance. The killer receives a wingding-like text, uses some cut-out magazine letters to make a note, then deliver it to Holmes' apartment. After the police search for clues as to the killer's identity, Holmes pulls a hidden camera and gets a visual on the murderer. [I actually saw this coming!] Holmes has a couple of teens look for the guy, M., and one finds him, giving Holmes information regarding where he might be. [I found it odd that we didn't actually see how Holmes determined which apartment M. would be inside.]

Well, Watson sees the print-out, locates the hidden camera, then finds three more in the house. [I bet he had at least seven.] Holmes explains that he didn't tell the police because he wants to personally torture and murder the fellow, rather than see him behind bars. [I don't like that odd grey shirt with the pink side stripes - makes Watson look pregnant.] So, while Holmes packs some weapons and heads out to find the killer, Watson goes to the police. When Holmes gets the guy (about to kill yet another person), he hangs him from some scaffolding at one of his father's properties undergoing renovation. M. claims that he was in jail during Irene's murder, making it a copycat case. [ouch!] M. even claims that he didn't know into whose apartment he broke to place the latest note. [he's just a hired hand... interesting.] M. gives his real name as Sebastian Moran, Holmes realizes he couldn't have killed Irene, and M. believes he's part of a scandal because of his employer, Moriarty. Holmes still stabs M. in the abdomen, then heads to the police station, though Watson and the Captain were out looking for the men. Somehow, M. explains his injuries as Holmes defending himself, hoping that Holmes will solve the case of why Moriarty is screwing him over.

Watson had been trying to get Holmes to have a wrap-up dinner with her all episode, but in the end calls Holmes' father to say that she's worried and wants to stay on the case, only for him to decide not to retain her. Still, she tells Holmes he agreed and she'll be staying, so he cannot yet turn her room into a beekeeping facility. [I have no idea.]
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Mitchell Ivey said...

I think Moriarty is Holmes' dad. Telling M where to leave the note. Not retaining Watson. Seems odd to me.

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

interesting prediction! that would certainly add a new layer to the twists!

Anonymous said...

I think M. made HER first appearance in this episode and it was not referring to Sebastian Moran, but in fact Moriarty HERself.

I think Watson's therapist is Moriarty.

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

another theory! I haven't seen this one elsewhere, so it very well could be!