Monday, January 7, 2013

Last Man Standing: Eve as a Bully?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

"Words are like toothpaste... once they're out of the tube there's no getting it back in." I have got to say that this is one of the weirdest similes I have ever heard. Now, halfway through the episode I realized that we'd likely see a PSA about bullying at the end, but I was surprised to see that the three girls were promoting, a website that I probably haven't been to since I was in undergrad. I was further surprised when Malibu Country also did an episode centering around bullying tonight... you'd think that ABC would have promoted that theme a little better. Of course, Last Man Standing isn't exactly the ideal show to raise awareness, what with the was Ed and Mike treat Kyle and how Mike is increasingly rude to Ryan, this episode even shutting a door in the kid's face. Still, I did like the angle that Mandy was the "good daughter," though I view teen pregnancy as far worse than trash talking. The funniest part? Mandy talking about all of the pressure to be angelic, then admitting that she actually has been suspended in the past... twice. It makes me wonder what for... dress code violations? Making out at school? Excessive tardiness? What's your bet on her mistakes?

Last Man Standing "Bullying" (S02E08): Mandy is thrilled that Eve got suspended, but when she explains that all she did was call a kid "gay" in a nickname, Vanessa and Mike think that the school is overreacting. On the other hand, Kristin and Mandy support the fact that verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. Vanessa goes down to the school and brings back some pamphlets and a workbook for Eve. [I'm not sure why Vanessa and Mike both didn't go if they each wanted to be involved?]
Eve decides to tell the whole truth about what led up to her mouthing off - she only called the kid gay after he called her "dyke" and "Steve Baxter." [retaliation. should have seen that coming!] Vanessa comes to the conclusion that Eve didn't tell on Jay because she likes him, but Mike isn't too sure about that until he sees his youngest daughter wearing makeup, jewelry, and curly hair to play in a basketball game. [dang. I never played sports after I was old enough to wear makeup, but I can't imagine why you'd want to combine the two.] Mike tells her that she's beautiful and she doesn't need to flaunt it. [awww. this is why girls need daddies.] Jay later kisses her at the school assembly. [hmmmm...]

Meanwhile, Ryan finally gets his driver's license and is able to get a job driving a beer truck. [don't you normally have to have a good record for a certain period of time to do such a thing?] Mandy tells Kristin that Ryan bought a motorcycle, causing the young mother to worry that he won't be supporting Boyd. [reasonable.] When, Kristin goes to confront him, not only does he give her money, but he also only has a Vespa. [bad "growing wheat grass" joke.]

At the store, Mike does a vlog about words affecting people too harshly now, and although Kyle thinks that words are harmful, Ed agrees with Mike. [anyone surprised?]
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