Thursday, January 31, 2013

The New Normal: Breastfeeding Woes; Jane and Brice

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Shania experiences some faux-sibling rivalry. Jane decides to try a new approach to landing a man. Bryan goes overboard when he realizes that he wants their son to consume breast milk. See, that could have worked as a short-and-sweet description of the episode for the on-screen guide. Instead, we get "wishing he could have a connections with his baby-to-be, Bryan buys an apparatus that allows me [sic] to simulate breastfeeding; Bryan protests against people who disapprove of breastfeeding in public' Jane takes Rocky's advice and goes after Brice." Not only was my version shorter and actually contains the Shania storyline, it also doesn't include a huge typo like putting "me" instead of "him." I seriously wonder how these things happen. I always read the synopsis before I watch something (I'm weird like that, I know), and you might be surprised at how frequently those types of errors occur! Sometimes they miss the main plot of the episode, sometimes they mix-up characters' names, and sometimes there's a word missing or the wrong word inserted, making it more difficult to figure out what's going to happen. A nitpick in a way, I know. But these things bother me - don't they bother you?

The New Normal "Dairy Queen" (S01E15): David and Bryan hang out with another couple, and Bryan realizes that he will miss the bond that breastfeeding creates. So, because Goldie is willing to pump for a few months, he buys a "milk man" vest so he can simulate that experience. [whoa.] However, this opens up a can of worms for Shania, who learns that she wasn't breastfed because Goldie needed to finish high school. David breastfed until he was four, so Shania thinks that she could benefit from having some of Goldie's breast milk now. Goldie turns her down, so she uses a gift card to buy breast milk online. [this child is getting creepy, guys!] Goldie won't let her drink it, and soon finds the root of the problem: Shania is jealous of the time the new baby will take. [hahaha, Piers Morgan!] There's an easy solution, however: Goldie agrees to spend more time cuddling with Shania. [aside from the time to pump, what does Goldie have to do after the baby is born? she's not caring for it...]

The whole experience convinces Bryan to help stage a breastfeeding flash mob, promoting breastfeeding in public. [I did agree that he took it too far with his "milk man" vest.] Bryan thinks that the reason for his poor relationship with his mother stems from the fact that he wasn't breastfed, but David assures him there are other issues. [LoL.] 
Trae Patton/NBC
Jane asks Rocky for advice on what to do to get Brice to ask her out, and she goes for the direct approach. [are they BFFs now? also, who spells "Brice" with an "i" ?? and, haha that Jane had Rocky on speakerphone in her pocket!] He takes her to a food truck but she quickly makes a joke at the expense of Asians. [who does that?? oh, right...] The next day, she asks him out again, but she sees him go out with a younger woman. Turns out, it's his daughter, Amber. He still doesn't want to be exclusive, though. [...who cares?]
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