Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hot in Cleveland: Game Night

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The pictionary scene really was funny. I saw it at TCA a few weeks ago and still laughed throughout the whole thing. It was a little more edited at the time (which is good because the Jeps joke would have been lost without viewing the entire episode), but still hilarious. I especially love that Victoria's age is bleeped out, though I'm still unclear whether she's supposed to be in her 50s or 60s. I'm not really a fan of Alec or Bill, but I don't see Bill lasting anyway. I have kinda grown accustomed to the bad jokes with Mamie in them, though, so hopefully we'll see her return before the show goes on hiatus.
Hot in Cleveland "The Anger Games" (S04E10): Victoria is featured in Cosmopolitan and decides that she needs an assistant to handle her engagements. [her hair is kinda gross.] She didn't realize that Joy was in college or Melanie had a job, so Elka takes care of it, though she soon promotes herself to "agent" before she's fired for ruining things. ["see you Friday at Temple" hahaha! and, "there's always a Marty!"]

Melanie and Alec play tennis with Joy and Bill, a restauranteur who overuses truffles. Alec isn't happy that Melanie "plays for fun," but she's not happy when he's selected as "Cleveland's Most Eligible Bachelor." He declines, Bill is given the award, but Melanie starts to worry about why Alec has been quiet about their romance around the office. She asks Joy to find out more about Alec's history from Bill, but autcorrect changes "Nina" to "nine," leading Melanie to believe that Alec has slept with everyone in the office. [I hate it when people don't even notice that they've been victims of autocorrect!] The secrets start flying when Joy lets Victoria's true age slip, Bill shares that Alec froze when he was a Jeopardy! contestant, and Alec tells Melanie that Bill only has "one ball." Not a big deal until everyone is together for a game night and the guys get fiercely competitive. [haha at Elka's drawing! and though we haven't seen these "monthly," that would make for a great new recurring scene!] The private conversations are all flushed out and nothing remains confidential in the end.
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