Thursday, January 31, 2013

Go On: GhostJanie has a GhostBoyfriend

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Was it just me or did Ryan call GhostJanie "Lauren" at one point? I was really confused, as was my husband. I'm not sure what was supposed to be going on, but the end results on all accounts were odd. I'm not a huge fan of airing a Valentine's Day episode two weeks early, but at least it led to some laughs. I'm going to ignore that creepy combination image/name of Anne, Fausta, Sonia, and Yolanda, but I cannot ignore the fact that Lauren SO doesn't want to marry Wyatt. You can only put off beginning planning for so long. And, if she really does pick a venue in one night, you know she doesn't really care. Some details can be chosen in a matter of hours (like your invitation. or the font and color for your cocktail napkins) but others require a lot of time, like visiting and comparing multiple venues! And this is coming from somebody who hired a wedding coordinator and had three paid people running the show on the big day! Regardless, I think this Wyatt plot is starting to lead a large part of the series down the wrong track, so hopefully they pull out before it's too late!

Go On "Pass Interference" (S01E15): It's the day after Simone and Ryan were intimate. Lauren tries not to make them feel awkward, but tells Ryan that he could have a problem with the relationship and not be able to talk about it because the woman is in the group. He doesn't think it'll be an issue, but, of course, when he goes to make-out with Simone, he sees Janie. [one of her odder appearances, I think.]
Justin Lubin/NBC
He needs to talk about it so he crashes Lauren's other group, for overeaters. [haha, she's "good with these people."] He decides to take Simone to a hotel, pretending to be Rachel Maddow to get a better room. [is this going to come up often? really??] Janie still appears, and this time she brings her ghost-boyfriend. [how weird is this show gonna get?] Ryan freaks out and leaves while Simone is in the shower. [haha!] At the next group meeting (on Valentine's Day), Simone announces that they're not together anymore. [fine by me!]

The girls want to go dress shopping but Lauren doesn't think she's ready. [I don't think I started shopping for wedding dresses until I was engaged about a year. though, if you don't have a date, how would you know when to start shopping? LoL.] They decide to pick out a dress for her, using Owen as a body-double. [one joke about this was good. four was too much.] Lauren finally admits that wedding details stress her, so the ladies decide to plan a nice Valentine's Day party, divvying up the tasks. They argue heavily about the music, Sonia tries to return the gown, they have balloons instead of flowers, and the girl from the dress shoppe accompanies Owen. The ladies all wear the same dress (like bridesmaids!), and in the end, Lauren accepts the binder. Great timing, as Wyatt has returned a day early from his trip. Lauren's first task? Picking a venue. [smart. we initially set a date first, but when we figured out our preferred venue, had to change the date to accommodate their schedule.]
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