Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Friday: Bob's Many Burgers

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I love it when someone on the internet has started cataloging something that I'm interested in studying, especially if I stumble upon it by accident. Last week I was informed that there is a tumblr out there that collects the "Burger of the Day" jokes from Bob's Burgers. You know, the little specials that Bob writes on the chalkboard like this:
I caught up on most of the FOX series (part of Sunday night's Animation Domination) in the past six months, thanks to Netflix (the first 13 episodes are on streaming or disc) and the show's late start to the season (beginning Sept. 30th). I'm still missing the nine episodes of season two, and though it's not my favorite show, I like it. I think the family dynamic is amusing, the kids genuinely funny (especially Gene and Louise), and the series is a bit different. I'm excited to have a site to check for all of the latest screen-captures, as I sometimes wonder if I missed a pun or something. In giving the tumblr a quick glance, I realized I never saw the sign in the window on the recent Christmas episode, marketing the "Home for the Challah-Days Burger." Hilarious!

Thinking back, I think my favorite was the "Hit Me With Your Best Shallot Burger" from S01E10 "Burger Wars." What about you?
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