Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Bang: Kripke's Work is Better than Sheldon's...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I know that it would have been a mess, but I really wanted to see Amy's reaction when she inevitably finds out that Sheldon has been insinuating they've had physical relations. You KNOW she's going to want to actually move forward in that area! I think that this will send the show in an interesting direction, especially as Valentine's Day is coming up and a casting announcement makes it clear that Raj is going to have another chance at a relationship soon. Regardless, I think that the elephant in the room is actually how Sheldon's work WAS inferior to Kripke's... is Sheldon not as advanced in this field as his nemesis? HAS something been on his mind preventing his full focus from being this project? I haven't decided what I think the issue is yet, but if you've got a theory, let us know!

The Big Bang Theory "The Cooper/Kripke Inversion" (S06E14): Sheldon and Kripke have been working on proposals for the same grant, but because the University can only submit one, they have to work together. [let's hope for a longer arc here...] Sheldon is outraged and wants cocoa hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, though it only gets worse as he admits that Kripke's work is superior. He freaks out and wants to stay home from work but Leonard gets him to go in, where Kripke tells him that his work suffers because he's busy banging Amy. [hahahahaha!] Sheldon tells Leonard and Penny to stick with the story, so they ask if he ever will sleep with Amy, to which he replies that it's a possibility someday. [wow. you know that means he's actually thought about it!]
Sonja Flemming/CBS
The guys find a website from which they can order action figures of themselves, complete with accessories like asthma inhalers. [haha!] Penny doesn't think they're cool so Leonard refrains, and Sheldon wants to hold out for the "Kung Fu Grip," but Howard and Raj each drop $500 on them. [seriously??] When they arrive, however, Howard thinks his nose is too big, and Raj's doll is too dark to match his skin tone. [Howard's wasn't that far off but Raj's was comical.] Raj convinces Howard to buy a 3D printer so they can just design their own action figures, using a Kinect to scan their bodies. It works, and they also make one for Bernadette, but she's more concerned that he spent $2500 to share the printer. [that IS a lot of money. and he DOES have trouble with the fact that she's the main breadwinner.] Raj buys out Howard, who now has a food allowance and no join checking privileges for the time being. [I still consider that a bit harsh...]
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