Friday, February 1, 2013

Elementary: Working for Free; a New Pet

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So... both Holmes and Watson worked for free in this episode. Kinda odd, right? Holmes will be back on the clock next time, but Watson's therapist was right... staying on with Sherlock without a contract is asking for trouble. He's not a dull crayon... he's going to figure it out. Probably sooner than later and it will likely cause a lot of harm to their relationship. I'm not a huge fan of the drama this will undoubtedly create (because if it doesn't, the realism will be gone), but I guess we'll see. I'm still hanging by a thread on sticking with this series, but I'd be remiss if I didn't cover the upcoming post-Super Bowl episode, so I'll make a decision after that.
Patrick Harbron/CBS
Elementary "The Red Team" (S01E13): As Holmes has been suspended from consulting with the NYPD for almost killing someone, he decides to occupy himself by checking in on some conspiracy theories that he's started on the internet. He winds up uncovering a dead body (of one of the theorists) and takes some things from the home to investigate, including a hidden recording device. He thinks he's found a clue in the guy's theories... one of them is possible. It's a 2009 case where a government exercise became quickly classified when the results were expected to be published, so Holmes starts by trying to figure out who was on this "Red Team." [I wish there was more on HOW he deduced these potential members!]

Holmes and Watson stake-out the dead guy's place in hopes that the bug-placer will return in an attempt to retrieve it. [does Watson really own a car in NYC?] Sure enough, someone goes in there and they follow him to a "market research company." Holmes lists a bunch of names and judges the guy's reaction as to which are related to the situation. When they visit one of the suspects, they learn that he suffers from a memory problem that was poison-induced instead of early-onset Alzheimer's, and after a tox-screen confirms it, Holmes is welcomed back to the police station. He brings in four others he believes were on the "Red Team," but they have issues talking because of treason possibilities. Still, one of them hides a message to help Holmes, and he tracks down "Yossarian," (a reference about the guy in Catch 22 who was paranoid of being killed, by the way), the guy from the "market research company." Too late, though, as he's dead.

There's a temporary delay when Holmes is to be investigated for the murder, but he uses his security cameras as an alibi. [hahaha!] Holmes asks the police to take the other Red Team members into protective custody, and he questions one of the individuals to get more information... but it only leads to another dead body. The guy he questioned seems to be the killer, and Holmes nearly begs to deal with him. He's allowed to and deduces that he's paranoid that the plan will leak, which is why he wants to kill everyone who knew anything, including himself. [what kind of motel has a mini-bar?] He threatens to kill Holmes but when Holmes reveals that he "knows" the Red Team's plan and has told a colleague, the guy falls apart over the idea that it's already been "leaked." [of course we didn't hear what it was.] Case solved!

Oh, but before the episode ends, the Captain punches Holmes in the stomach for his previous indiscretions, saying that he'll never trust him again. [so, how long until it's up to Holmes to save the Captain's life, huh?] Plus, Holmes and Watson now have a pet turtle, Clive, from the first dead guy. [turtles and bees? oooook!]
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