Sunday, February 3, 2013

Last Man Standing: Eve Becomes Patriotic

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

"It takes a certain kind of jackass to be offended by 'liberty' and 'justice.'" I thought that pretty much summed up the episode. It was very much an encapsulated storyline with a single plot: Eve wants to join the JROTC and perhaps, someday, the military. Everything else in the episode revolves around that fact, and it manages to work pretty well. Unfortunately, as much as Eve is one of my favorite characters, I think her storylines are a bit farfetched this season. Between her suspension, her environmental kick, and her alcohol experimentation, she's been all over the place. Let's hope that the second half of the season tones it down a bit for her, even if it's back to soccer storylines for the most part. What do you think - am I being too hard on the writing for her character?

Last Man Standing "Mike's Pole" (S02E11): Mike has put up a flagpole in the yard and has the family witness the first time he puts up the flag. He's shocked to learn that Ryan has prevented Boyd from learning the Pledge of Allegiance, but even more shocked that Eve soon wants to follow all of the rules regarding flag-flying.

Backing up a bit, Eve decides to transfer out of art (remember, she's failing) and into JROTC, exciting Mike but worrying Vanessa, especially as Eve decides she wants to be the first female sniper in the Marines. Each morning at sunrise, Eve and Mike get up to raise the flag, and if it rains, they rush to take it down. [haha at Mandy sneaking in at dawn!] Mike soon gets sick of doing it, and is glad when Eve accidentally ruins the flag with bleach. But, Chuck takes care of it as a veteran and gets another flag... plus a bugle! [I love Mike's interaction with Chuck!] This time around, Kristin has taught Boyd the pledge of allegiance, though the little boy still waits in the hallway at school while it's said to keep another child company. [that is SO cute and thoughtful! also, I don't care how offended you are by the pledge, Ryan, your child can still LEARN IT!]
To properly dispose of the damaged flag, Mike and Eve go with Ed (who does not support women in the military) to the VFW, where she meets a female veteran who lost both of her legs in Iraq. [that was quite the dig at New York and California!] Vanessa had hoped that this would scare Eve off, but she's as passionate as ever about serving our country. [this could be a really fascinating storyline if the series makes it to Eve's post-high school years!]
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